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Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Event Rentals




Change the Game..
Make Your Event Unforgettable!

Bring Virtual Reality to Your Next Corporate Event, Trade Show, or Private Party.

Provides VR for Team Experiences, Meetings, and
Branded Installations



From small private parties to national conventions with thousands of attendees, Maverick VR will provide your guests with amazing and immersive Virtual Reality experiences they will not forget. 

Virtual Reality Rentals range from single stand-alone headsets to expertly staffed virtual reality booths featuring engaging games/experiences or custom 360 videos created for an event.

As Virtual Reality fanatics and event planning experts, we would love to work with you to integrate Virtual Reality into your next event. Together we will create a menu of VR experiences that will seamlessly enhance your event. We can even incorporate your company’s branding into our VR booth and within the VR experience itself to create a lasting brand impression.


With hundreds of events behind us, we have a track record of customizing  Virtual Reality experiences in a way that will best fit the goals and theme of your event. Our staff are experts at creating engagement that goes far beyond just facilitating the experience. They take pride in introducing thousands of people to virtual reality and giving them an opportunity to immerse themselves in virtual reality for the first time. Nothing’s better than seeing someone’s reaction when they first put on a VR headset!

Learn About Our Enhanced Headset Cleaning


VR is an exciting new medium, and the types of experiences you can have within it are endless. Here are several popular options that our clients have chosen:

  • Parties: Who doesn’t want a VR booth at a party? If the party is fun to begin with, then VR is sure to enhance that as people laugh giddily and swing their arms around while wearing a VR headset. Even if the party is a bore, at least you can escape into some amazing VR experiences for awhile!

  • Trade Shows: The competition for guests’ attention at trade shows and conferences is fierce, so you have to figure out a way to draw people in and make your company stand out. Virtual Reality booths are the perfect way to grab folks’ interest - people love experiencing VR themselves, and also love laughing along with their coworker as they try it. Our staff of VR experts are trained to help your staff get the attention of a passerby, wow them with an incredible virtual reality experience, and then hand them off to directly engage with your staff.

  • Brand & Product Activations: Through the use of custom 360 videos, companies are using immersive technologies for brand activations, product promotions, product placements, product broadcasting, and content transmission.  Marketers know that creating a connection is all about telling a story, and nothing can do this better than the incorporation of powerful images used with music or narration. Telling a story in 3D adds a dimension that is both powerful and memorable.   Maverick VR has helped clients demonstrate videos to audiences of over 200 people at once through the use of synchronized headsets.

  • Team Building: Are you tired of boring trust-fall-filled retreats? We can help you change up the team building game by incorporating VR booths into your company outing. Your team can work together to solve puzzles, compete in games, and improve their communication all while having a blast in VR? Ask us which VR experiences would be a good fit for your next team building event, and we will be happy to help you!


While many people have heard of virtual reality, few have had the chance to experience it. Corporate event planners look to enhance their trade shows, receptions, and private events with the most innovative and memorable entertainment services to date. This is why we've partnered with 100+ companies and organizations to incorporate virtual reality rentals into their events! Why did they, and why should you, choose Maverick VR?

Woman Wearing a Virtual Reality Headset

Our Expertise

Our team knows the ins and outs of the industry, and collectively we've tried hundreds of different combinations of VR equipment and content. We have the insight and ability to curate virtual reality activations and VR stations that integrate seamlessly with our clients’ goals and themes. We use the most cutting-edge hardware available to ensure that guests are amazed by their VR experience

Man Wearing A Virtual Reality Headset

Our Reliability

We've successfully executed hundreds of VR events and activations at conferences, parties, and trade shows nationwide. We work closely with our clients to guarantee a memorable virtual reality rental experience and we handle all preparation, logistics, and the execution of the VR booth rental. Our clients don't have to worry about a thing, and we're always around to answer any questions

A Graphic Of A Woman Looking At A Virtual Reality Headset

Our Enthusiasm 

What's the reason that we do this job in the first place? We are passionate about virtual reality! We are eager to share our joy with our clients and partners. We take pride in what we do and our staff members are lighthearted, energetic, and great to work with. Not only do we promise to execute our VR booths to the highest standards - we'll do so with huge smiles on our faces


Digital Mockup.png

VR is a unique opportunity to align your brand with an unforgettable virtual experience. Ask us about our different branding and sponsorship packages, which ensures our clients' logos are front and center in all aspects of the Virtual Reality experience.​ In addition to physical branding, our Virtual Reality Logo Experience allows guests to interact with our clients' logo in Virtual space.


Contact us here to learn more about our unforgettable branded VR activations










Branded Proofs & Custom Digital Mockups

Banners and other Branded uses within VR Experience

Brand placement on all physical elements of the VR booth



We source the latest and greatest VR content to make sure we have the best experiences and games available. Whether that's exploring the deep sea, battling alien space ships, or painting 3D masterpieces, there is something for everyone.


We work closely with our clients in order to provide a perfect menu of custom games and experiences that will leave a lasting impression on guests and enhance the overall experience of your event



 Virtual Reality Rentals VR Booth
  • What VR experiences would be a good fit for my event’s theme?

  • What options are available to incorporate branding into my VR booth rental?

  • How many VR booths should I rent for my trade show, conference, or corporate party?

  • How much space should I allocate for the VR booths?

  • What’s the best way to organize a high score competition for my virtual reality rental?


Virtual Reality VR Booth Event Rentals

"When we brought virtual reality into the space all eyes were on that. It was a more memorable experience than anything I can think of that we could have brought in."


-Steve, The Warehouse Co-Working Owner

Virtual Reality VR Booth Event Rentals

"Our guests absolutely loved Maverick VR - they were incredibly enthusiastic and took the initiative to bring us a VR experience that fit seamlessly with our theme and venue. Like the best ride at the fair, there was a continuous line at the VR booth all night"


-Morgan, Yelp Events & Marketing Director

Virtual Reality VR Booth Event Rentals

"This was not the kind of gaming experience I've ever known - not even close. After just that few minutes of introduction, I was hooked. Everyone looks ridiculous doing it, but all I can say is it's soo worth it."


-Kim, Biz New Orleans

Virtual Reality VR Booth Event Rentals

"It was one of the most unique experiences I've had at any event. I've literally been telling everyone I know about it and how I could probably spend the rest of my life just laying in bed in some virtual reality"


-Victoria, Audubon Nature Institute

Virtual Reality VR Booth Event Rentals

"We had a wonderful experience with Maverick VR. The games were fun and fit all needs! I highly recommend for your next event! It is that little something special! Another bonus is that they will travel for events"


-Jessica, Presidio

Virtual Reality VR Booth Event Rentals

"Maverick VR's professionalism, promptness, and ease of transition from planning to execution is top notch. Since interactive experiences have become a 'must have' for most of our events and Maverick VR can certainly deliver that with ease."


-Holly, Hosts DMC


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Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
Virtual Reality Booth Event Rentals
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