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Maverick VR is a National Virtual Reality Rental company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, servicing the United States and Canada. We specialize in providing the technology and trained staff for corporate as well as consumer events, to help create engaging and exciting experiences for your attendees.


We have experience providing hundreds of events around the country with virtual reality booth rentals.  As long-term VR enthusiasts, we take pride in introducing thousands of people to virtual reality and giving them an opportunity to immerse themselves into virtual reality for the first time. Nothing’s better than seeing someone’s reaction when they first put on a VR headset!


We started out as a small company headquartered in New Orleans, but in the years since we’ve grown significantly to meet the high demand for our VR booth rental services for conferences, trade shows, and corporate parties nationwide. We now provide our virtual reality booths to clients in every major city nationwide and have helped hundreds of clients across the country take their events to the next level with amazing VR experiences. Our clients understand that renting a VR booth from Maverick VR will engage and enthrall their guests.

Our team is comprised of virtual reality hardware experts, and we have insight into every major headset and setup currently on the market. Our VR experts are available to help hear about your goals for the event and figure out the ideal virtual reality solution. We can customize the VR equipment and experiences to align with your goals, and we are happy to help you incorporate your brand into the VR booth rental. Head over to this page to tell us more about your event and start the conversation about how we can help enhance your conference, trade show, or corporate party with Virtual Reality!

Partial Client Database


We have an unbelievable team of virtual reality technicians, event managers and brand ambassadors that assist with all of our events throughout the country. We pride ourselves in having enthusiastic, professional and experienced team members who work closely with all of our clients to ensure a virtual reality experience of the highest standard. Our team is comprised of virtual reality and event planning experts with years of experience curating and executing virtual reality events. From the initial strategy session to the breakdown of equipment, our clients are consistently impressed with our communication, professionalism, enthusiasm, and expertise. 



"We believe that the complexity of high-end VR equipment should not prevent anyone from experiencing the latest and greatest in virtual reality, so Maverick VR focuses on seamlessly providing incredible virtual reality experiences with the most advanced VR headsets on the market for clients who are unfamiliar with the world of virtual reality. Maverick VR provides customized virtual reality events nationwide; conferences, trade shows, conventions, and private events across the country hire Maverick VR to engage and enthrall their guests with mind-blowing VR experiences. VR is a unique medium that creates thrilling opportunities for audience engagement at conferences and trade shows, and over 300 companies have trusted Maverick VR to take their events to the next level with amazing VR experiences"


David Denny & Devin Regan


Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows

  • Along with the games and experiences we have on hand, we can create customized, branded, or local content to really wow your guests within the VR experience. We can also send your guests home with unique VR branded giveaways.

  • When setting up an event, the entertainment options always seems to be the same.  Change it up for your next event and have everyone experience immersive Virtual Reality!  

  • Big or small, we have you covered.  Let us know how many people you are expecting and we will build a custom proposal with the appropriate number of VR booths to make sure everyone has a chance to jump in.

  • We offer different brand and sponsorship packages to ensure our clients' logos are front and center in all aspects of the Virtual Reality experience.

  • VR is a unique opportunity to align your brand with an unforgettable virtual experience your guests are sure to remember forever.

  • Potential brand placement options include but are not limited to: Background signage, headset branding, table signage, TV/monitor brand exposure, brand placement within the VR experience, customized branded 360 videos and experiences, and more.

  • Maverick VR helped bring some Virtual Reality fun to the Super Bowl

Brand Activations and Sponsored Events

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