We offer a wide range of immersive VR experiences for private events!  We can also provide customized games and experiences to really set your event apart from the rest. Click below to choose by experience type:

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Exploring New Worlds

Google Earth VR

Fly around our planet and see the world as never before! Look down on Earth from space, or cruise down the streets of your favorite city. 

Vesper Peak

Explore a stunning mountainside while you play with an adorable robot puppy. Play fetch or scratch his belly to really make him happy, or just enjoy the view. You can even teleport up and down the mountain to see it from different angles. 

Theblu Encounter

Walk around on a sunken ship and immerse yourself underwater.  The clarity and detail in this experience are breathtaking, as fish and manta rays swirl around you. If you're lucky, you might even get to meet a blue whale up close. 

Solar System Exploration

Fly around and explore our solar system.  You can learn more about each planet, and even move them around as you see fit. Try not to get burned when you stand close to the sun! 

Human Body X-Ray

Explore the human body like never before.  Use your hands to scan through the different parts of the body and see how everything is connected. 

Trials on Tatooine

Complete your Jedi training on Tatooine and help protect the Millennium Falcon from invading stormtroopers. Use the force to deflect blaster bolts with your lightsaber, and help R2D2 fix the Millennium Falcon before it's too late.

The Deep Ocean

Descend deeper in the ocean than anyone has ever gone before. Try to shine a light on some of the creatures of the deep sea, or turn your flashlight off to see the beauty of an environment devoid of sunlight.

The Reef

Explore the coral reef in this awesome underwater experience.  Watch as the sea turtles and all the amazing fish swim by, just make sure to watch out for the jelly fish.

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High Score / Arcade Style


See how long you can protect your castle from the oncoming barbarian hordes, using only your trusty bow and arrow. The difficulty and intensity rise with each level as you try to set a high score. 

Fruit Ninja VR

Ever play Fruit Ninja on your smartphone? Now you can experience it in virtual reality! Swing two swords and chop up as many flying fruits as you can, but be careful not to hit the bombs!

Space Pirate Trainer

Try to survive as long as possible as you battle alien spaceships.  Use your shield to block their bullets, or dodge the path of their lasers Matrix-style to avoid getting hit.  Fire back with a wide range of futuristic weapons, and see how many levels you can beat. 

Job Simulator

Want to see if you have what it takes to run a successful convenience store, auto shop, or gourmet kitchen? Choose from a wide range of different jobs and do everything you can to make your virtual customers happy. 

Zombie Training Simulation

Don't just watch Walking Dead - star in Walking Dead! Use everything at your disposal to stay alive and fight off the invading zombies. The longer you last, the higher your score.

Slingshot Bombs

Wreak havoc on a warehouse by launching bombs into it from your giant slingshot. This experience has a similar playing style to Angry Birds, and it's a quick and fun game that helps you let out some angst while you see how destructive you can be. The more mayhem you cause, the higher your score. 

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Creative / Musical

Tilt Brush

Create incredible 3D drawings and sculptures with a magical palette and an endless canvas. Draw with paint, fire, electricity, and more to create any design you can dream up.