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Top 5 Reasons Virtual Reality Booths are Perfect for Trade Shows

Virtual Reality Rental at a Trade Show Booth

At Maverick VR, we take pride in throwing some of the most amazing events throughout the nation. From corporate parties to trade shows and conventions, our virtual reality service is like no other and provides endless hours of entertainment for any event.

While we have the ability to provide virtual reality booths for essentially any party throughout the United States, many trade show and convention organizers, in particular, are often looking our way to see how we can help. After speaking with some of our previous clients, we established a list of the top five reasons they hired us to help with their trade show booth, and how we might be able to help others in a similar way.

1 - More foot traffic - draws eyes and brings people in

At any trade show or convention, there will be hundreds if not thousands of people walking by your booth throughout the day. They have no shortage of booth options to choose from, and there is absolutely no way they have the time to interact with each and every one. Rather than "cold calling" each of them to try to get their attention and begin a conversation, you can incorporate virtual reality into your booth to pull them in without any effort.

As a user is experiencing virtual reality, they have reactions that are both hilarious and eye-catching to any passerby. Whether they are slicing fruit with their ninja swords or trying to pet a passing blue whale, their movements immediately grab the attention of trade show spectators as they pass.

In addition to the entertainment value of the VR user, we pair all of our virtual reality booths with a large flat-screen TV to display to the crowd exactly what is happening within the VR experience. This creates a crowd of people surrounding a VR-enhanced trade show booth watching, laughing, and taking pictures and videos throughout the event as they eagerly await their own turn.

2 - Brand Association and Awareness

Creating an amazing experience at your trade show booth has a ton of advantages, especially for your brand. The value is twofold - positioning your brand as a tech-savvy company utilizing the newest technology, while also creating brand awareness by linking your brand to an unforgettable entertainment experience.

There are many different ways a company can incorporate virtual reality. However, some companies botch their opportunity by using cheap smart-phone based video viewers. These devices have poor resolution, no interaction, and leave the user unimpressed at best and with a migraine at worst. Here at Maverick VR, we provide an experience that is guaranteed to amaze by utilizing the newest and highest-end VR equipment on the market.

In terms of brand exposure, we also have you covered there. We offer a variety of different branding options for the event delivery to ensure our client's logo is front and center throughout the event and captured in all pictures. This can be as simple as branding the backdrop of our virtual reality booths to be captured in all photos and videos, to customized brand deliveries wherein we program our client's logo within the virtual reality experience for the guest to interact with.

3 - New Leads and Engagement

Virtual Reality is an amazing sales conversion tool. As we discussed previously, the increased foot traffic naturally leads to more guest interactions at your events, but we take it a step further from there. Before the event begins, our employees take the time to learn a very quick pitch of our client's service to ensure it is communicated to the guest before they begin the experience. Once in the virtual reality experience, our employee will grab the attention of our client to facilitate an introduction with the guest after the experience ends. This has proven to be a very natural way to begin a sales conversation that is well received by both parties.

There are also other ways we help our clients gather lead information. For events utilizing a badge-scanner, we can require a guest scan in to begin a virtual reality experience. In some events, we have simply had a signup sheet capturing some of the guest information before they begin and shared this with our client afterward.

4 - Customizable games and experiences

In the past 12 months alone, over 10,000 new Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications have been created and made available online, and that number continues to climb. With all of these new games and experiences constantly being released into the marketplace, our team at Maverick VR takes the time to sift through these offerings and make sure we bring out only the best for our clients. If there is a certain industry or theme you would like the virtual reality experiences to relate to, just let us know. From the scuba-diving experiences for an aquarium's annual gala to the football-playing experiences we provided at the Sugar Bowl, we can always find fun VR experiences to enhance a given event theme.

5 - Flexible Floor Plan

At most trade shows and conventions, space is limited, but that doesn't mean you can't include virtual reality as an entertainment option. Even if you are limited to a space as small as 10' x 10' with a few tables and signs already allocated to the floor plan, we are always able to work with our clients to find a solution. A virtual reality booth is extremely flexible and allows for customization to a space of any size. While a larger space typically allows for larger room-scale immersions, we are happy to work with our clients to provide VR in tight spaces when needed. Just let us know your layout and we will find a solution.

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