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Awesome Team Building Experiences in Virtual Reality

Tired of trust falls and tone-deaf karaoke? Take your next team building event into the future and make it fun by incorporating Virtual Reality! Below, we review three of the Virtual Reality team-building experiences that our clients have added to their team-building events during meetings, incentive trips, and corporate retreats to engage and enthrall their coworkers.

1. For a wide range of conventions, incentive trips, and private parties, we often recommend a 3D VR drawing experience called Tilt Brush. Each VR user can create amazing 3D drawings using a magical palette with endless options. The experience is very interactive and immersive, and it is easy to pick up the controls regardless of one's tech or art background.

To orient the experience around team building, we set up the experience Pictionary-style, wherein the person in VR draws something and the crowd watching the TV screen which displays their drawing tries to guess what they're drawing. Here is an example of Jimmy Fallon trying out some VR Pictionary on a recent show, and we provide the exact same equipment and software that he uses in that clip!

Jimmy Fallon Playing Pictionary VR

2. We also provide a variety of arcade-style games for the more competitive individuals at team building events. Fruit Ninja is always a crowd-pleaser in this category - it's very easy to pick up and the person competing for looks ridiculous while participating, much to the delight of the laughing crowd.

Fruit Ninja VR Game

3. A third team-building option would be a more strategic VR experience called "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes". People outside of VR give instructions to the VR user on how to diffuse a bomb that only the VR user can see, with each side only having a portion of the necessary information. This experience encourages communication and trust amongst teammates as you race against the clock to defuse the bomb in time! Maverick VR is appreciative of the opportunity we had to work with the employees of IptiQ on a virtual reality team event in upstate NY. The feedback from the group was that Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes was a great choice for a team building game and the whole group enjoyed the experience.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes VR Game

One of our clients' favorite aspects of using our Virtual Reality team building services for their conventions, meetings, retreats, and incentive trips is that we bring the experience to them! Whether the group is staying at a hotel or already has a venue picked out, we will come to them and provide all of the incredible VR technology as well as friendly on-site personnel to assist each participant and make sure that their team building experience is fun and unforgettable. With Maverick VR, there's a need to coordinate group transportation to and from a distant location for an amazing team-building activity!



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