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Richie's Plank Experience and Oculus Go Compatibility

Once only described as a party game or introduction to Virtual Reality, the developers behind Richie's Plank Experience have recently strengthened game features and expanded console capabilities making it a fun and enjoyable experience. A frequent request, we are often asked if Richie's Plank Experience is compatible with the Oculus Go Headset? 

First, let us give you a short preview of the experience. As for setup, the game can be played with or without a board- (however-- we highly recommend using it). The physical board gets entered into the game, where you adjust the dimensions to be shorter or wider. 

Meant for a quick thrill and demonstration, the player rides an elevator up, and the doors open 525 above street level! There are different modes when the user walks out onto the board. You can throw a cake, doughnut, or spider off the ledge and watch it fall to the ground. The sensation of falling heightens the immersive virtual experience.

Some of the other notable features of Richie's Plank Experience include a fire deck going around the city, a "missile" attack, a timed race mode, and a sky-possing feature. This is similar to a Google Tilt Brush, where you can paint in the sky and can view it from the plank from different perspectives. 

The game serves well at parties if you are looking to watch your friends wobble around the board, while some are truly frightened. 

Is Richie's Plank Experience Compatible with the Oculus Go?

While the game is offered in the Steam store, Richie's Plank Experiences is, unfortunately, not compatible with the Oculus Go Headsets. However, it can still be played on Oculus Rift or Oculus Quest. 

We don't anticipate becoming available for the Oculus Go as its graphical fidelity might be lower than counterparts. 

Do we Recommend Trying Richie's Plank Experience?

Some might ask if the game has enough content for purchase? For us, not only does it serve a quick, simple, and accessible introduction to Virtual Reality, but it has a therapeutic use for helping people get over the fear of heights. As the game has been out for several years and has only grown in popularity, we see the potential for future versions with more backgrounds, sound, and visual effects. Give it a try! For those looking for Xtreme Virtual Reality, there are other games that you might want to try. One of the most popular VR Games is Beat Saber. You will have a choice to play at novice level all the way up to expert plus which is quite challenging, . Another way to take almost any game and make the experience more Xtreme is by adding a Haptic Vest to your experience.. The movement and vibration of the vest will definitely make your experience more immersive. For more information, visit our Oculus Go Rentals Page. There are tons of other games/experiences that are also a lot of fun. One of the most popular games to try if looking for something a little less intense is Home Run Derby.



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