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Beat Saber and Oculus Go Compatibility

As many in the Virtual Reality industry have learned, Beat Saber has become a bit of a new classic, competing with some of the top downloaded games in the world.  For those who are less familiar with Beat Saber, here is a quick introduction to some of the game components.  Once in Virtual Reality or VR, the user’s hand controllers light up in different colors (blue and red, mainly)  and different squares with arrows come flashing towards you. The direction of the arrows is important, as that indicates the motion you need to swing your controllers. The speed and length of the game are largely determined by the song, which is another important component to note. There are about 20 tracks you can pick from, including some paid packages and compilations, like that done with Imagine Dragons.   This is a body-active game, where you will need to dodge obstacles and reach the boxes in order to hit the beat. When browsing the menu prompts, there are several levels: Easy, Moderate, Hard, expert, and expert+. There are some hilarious videos on youtube showing people who have mastered the expert+ level. It is a true test in agility and attention, as you can fail the game if you miss more than three beats. The Oculus Go The Oculus Go-- a standalone product that was purchased by Facebook several years ago, introduces its own products to compete with game developers and popular games in virtual reality. As one of the lower-priced video development platforms, Oculus Go has democratized the ability to experience the spatial sound and optimized 3D graphics without the use of an expensive gaming computer (some of our favorites are those from Alienware) or putting your mobile device into the headset, like some earlier iterations. Beat Saber Oculus Go Compatibility Although we often get requests for Beat saber and the Oculus Go- Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the Oculus Go. Beat Saber only works on the following game consoles: PS4, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and  HTC Vive . There are a number of games within the Oculus Go network that have similar feelings and experiences. These include Beaton, Thumper, and Hardlight Blade.  Beaton


Hardlight Blade

 There are many other games and experiences that are compatible with the Oculus Go Headset. Contact Maverick VR if we can be of any assistance with your search.



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