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Home Run Derby – Attract More Guests With VR

Man Playing Home Run Derby in a Virtual Reality Booth

Virtual Reality is a great addition to any event for a few key reasons - the technology is so new, it's an attention grabber, and provides an extremely memorable experience for all guests. VR is something everyone has heard about, but still few have yet to ever try. When we set up a VR Booth at an event it’s sure to attract a large crowd, but some of our clients are looking for even more ways to provide an unbelievable experience for the attendees. All of our VR packages include everything from start to finish to ensure the best experience possible – for our clients and for their guests, but we also offer a variety of unique setups to help customize the setup even further. One of them being our Home Run Derby VR Booth Package.

While we get requests for Home Run Derby all over the United States. There seem to be two places where it is most popular. When we get requests for Virtual Reality Rentals in New York City and Virtual Reality Rentals in Boston. These are two cities that really love their baseball and there is nothing like the Yankees, Red Sox rivalry.

There are a few ways in which the Home Run Derby VR Booth separates itself from our normal setup:

1) Smaller Overall Footprint Requirement

As we provide in all of our setups, the VR experience is room-scale. So if you take a couple of steps forward in real life, the same happens within the experience. This provides an incredibly more immersive experience than most VR headsets provide. The Home Run Derby experience has the same room-scale setup, but because of the limited need to move your feet while at-bat, we don’t need quite as much room – only about 8’ x 7’ per booth (much less than our standard recommended 10’ x 10’). This is great for conventions and events where space may be limited, and still allows for the room-scale experience of the guest stepping up to bat without needing quite as much space.

Home Run Derby Is One Of The Most Popular Games for a VR Rental

2) Live Scoreboard Throughout The Event

All of our booths include a TV to show the user experience to the guests throughout the event, but we include an additional TV for all of our Home Run Derby Virtual Reality Packages. Throughout the event we will keep track of the guest's name and their score and manage a scoreboard throughout the event. This will encourage guests to return to the VR booth to try and better their score to get into one of the top spots. Additionally, this scoreboard is completely customizable and can feature any brand logo or message that you want to have displayed. To further motivate guests many clients opt to have a trophy or prize for the overall winner.

Home Run Derby All Set Up at the VR Booth Ready to Go

3) Increased Guest Throughput

Most custom experiences we provide at events last anywhere from 3-4 minutes. We try to always find experiences that are intuitive and fairly simple in nature, but still provide an unbelievable use experience. The Home Run Derby booth is great because it provides an incredible experience in just about 2 minutes getting through twice as many guests in a similar time frame. Because the controls are as simple as swinging a bat, the learning curve is little to nothing and people can get through it without any real instruction. With that being said, if only having one booth set up at the event won’t quite cut it, we are happy to provide as many booths as needed as long as space permits. With each booth we would provide an additional on-site employee to assist guests and make sure everything runs without a hitch.

Looking to add a unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event? Skip the boring photo booth and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come with virtual reality!

Click here to watch a video and see what guests think of Maverick VR:

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