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Why the HTC Vive is the Best Virtual Reality (VR) Headset for Corporate Events

When it comes to having a Virtual Reality (VR) booth at your corporate event, there is no substitution for the newest and highest-end Virtual Reality (VR) equipment. Many companies make the mistake of using cheap smart-phone based video viewers with poor resolution and no interaction capabilities. These cheap alternatives leave the user unimpressed with the experience and, potentially, your brand.

Here at Maverick VR, we provide an experience that is guaranteed to amaze by utilizing the newest and highest-end Virtual Reality (VR) equipment on the market. Here are a few reasons why the HTC Vive is the Best Virtual Reality (VR) Headset for a Virtual Reality (VR) booth at your next event, conference, convention, trade show, or brand activation.

Man wearing HTC Vive Headset

Explore Virtual Space with Room-Scale Technology

The HTC Vive is designed for room-scale Virtual Reality (VR), which allows you to physically move around objects in virtual space. Room-Scale technology makes the HTC Vive the most immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience, allowing you to walk ocean depths, dodge incoming lasers, and explore places all over the world!

Worried about bumping into something while plugged into your Virtual Reality (VR) experience? Well, don’t be! Before your event starts, our trained staff will set up the Virtual Reality (VR) booth and program a play perimeter called “Chaperone Bounds.” Chaperone Bounds outline the play space of the Virtual Reality (VR) game or experience within the game. If a user gets close to the perimeter of the play area, the Chaperone Bounds will appear as a green grid outlining the play perimeter, allowing the user to enjoy a safe, convenient experience.

Offer the Latest and Greatest Virtual Reality (VR) Games and Experiences

No Virtual Reality (VR) booth is complete without a selection of the latest and greatest Virtual Reality (VR) games and experiences. Unfortunately, not every Virtual Reality (VR) headset is powerful enough to handle these experiences. Thanks to the power and popularity of the HTC Vive, all of the best Virtual Reality (VR) games are available for your Virtual Reality (VR) booth.

Not sure which games to have at your Virtual Reality (VR) booth? No worries! Our team at Maverick VR takes the time to sift through these offerings to make sure we bring out only the best Virtual Reality (VR) games/experiences for our clients.

Man in sports jacket wearing HTC Vive Headset

Wear a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset That's Comfortable for All Guests

Guests at your next event, conference, convention, trade show, or brand activation should enjoy a comfortable and intuitive Virtual Reality (VR) experience at your Virtual Reality (VR) booth. The HTC Vive has an adjustable headset and multiple eye relief adjustments, ensuring that all of your guests’ experiences will be comfortable and clear. Do you wear glasses? No problem! The HTC Vive can adjust to fit over most glasses.

Enjoy Intuitive Controls With Wireless Virtual Reality (VR) Controllers

Whether you're slicing fruit with your ninja sword, shooting arrows at invading orcs, or throwing a Hail Mary pass on the football field, the wireless controllers of the HTC Vive make your actions in the Virtual Reality (VR) world feel natural and intuitive.

At Maverick VR, our trained staff gives each of your guests a one-on-one experience walking them through the game rules and controls so that they’re plugged in and ready to play in seconds.

Image of Google Earth VR Game

Incorporate Branded Content at your Virtual Reality (VR) Booth VR is a unique opportunity to align your brand with an unforgettable virtual experience your guests are sure to remember forever. Along with the games and experiences we have on hand, we can create customized, branded, or local content to ensure our clients' logos are front and center in all aspects of the Virtual Reality experience. Potential brand placement options include:

  • Background signage

  • Headset branding

  • Table signage

  • TV/monitor brand exposure

  • Brand placement within the VR experience

  • Customized branded 360 videos and experiences

  • Unique VR branded giveaways

  • And more!

Close up picture of HTC Vive Headset

Looking to add a unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event? Skip the boring photo booth and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come with virtual reality!

Click here to watch a video and see what guests think of Maverick VR:

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