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Virtual Reality with Square: Miami-Themed VR Booths

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This past weekend, our team made our way to St. Louis where we worked together with the mobile payment Giant, Square. To balance out the chilly, fall weather in The Lou - it was fitting that the folks from Square put on a Miami themed holiday party: beach floats hanging from the ceilings, snow cone machines, a silent disco, and of course - virtual reality. It was a great event and we love working with organizations that prioritize building a fun, and exciting company culture.

When the team at Square approached us, we were excited to create and provide a Virtual Reality experience that aligned with the vision and theme of the party. Below we outlined the VR booths and experiences that we brought to the event in order to highlight the versatility of Virtual Reality booths, and how it can be appropriately tailored around any event's theme.

Ocean Rift

Ocean Rift is the world's first virtual reality aquatic 'safari' park; it was natural that we bring an ocean-related VR environment to emphasize the beautiful ocean and aquatic life that Miami is home to. In Ocean Rift, users are placed in a simulated ocean, where they can swim and interact with dolphins, sharks, turtles, manatees, and whales. It's a fan favorite and an incredibly colorful and impressive application.

Stunt Kite Master

Stunt Kite Master is a VR environment, which transports users to a sandy and sunny beach where they must harness the power of the wind and launch their 'stunt kite'. With precision and concentration, guests can practice exciting maneuvers as their kite dances in the sky. This an immersive application, and it leaves guests laughing and smiling the whole way through.

Couple Enjoying A Miami Virtual Reality Booth

Ultra Music Festival VR

You can't have a Miami themed party without paying homage to Ultra Music Festival! UMF is an annual outdoor electronic music festival, which takes place in March in Miami. Billboard created an exciting 360° VR experience that gives guests an exclusive perspective on Dutch DJ and record producer Martin Garrix's, main stage set at UMF in 2016. We uploaded this video into our Oculus Go headsets so guests can experience Ultra like never before!

Miami 360 Degree Tour

This 360-degree tour allows users to visit Miami landmarks, including Ocean Drive, which is mostly known for its Art Deco hotels and restaurant; Miami Beach, the largest cruise ship port in the entire world (fun fact), and Downtown Miami where the party never ends - all in Virtual Reality!

Square Virtual Reality Booths

Our VR booths and Virtual Reality rentals are adaptive, and one of the most exciting parts of our job is working with our clients to create personalized VR experiences that integrate smoothly into their party, trade show, or conference. Virtual Reality is a unique technology that puts smiles on guests' faces and leaves a memorable impression, which are often two of the most important goals that event planners and managers look to achieve when putting on an event. We're looking forward to working with Square in the future, and we are always eager to work with more organizations in order to incorporate virtual reality into their next event!


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