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Virtual Reality & Vancouver: One of the Largest VR Hubs in the World

Picture of Vancouver

In 3 years, virtual reality companies in Vancouver have grown from 15 to 200. One of the fastest and largest virtual reality hubs in the world, Vancouver-based virtual reality companies have been paving the way for recent advancements in the VR/AR industry: from applications that let individuals walk around virtual real estate to holographic representations of brain scans.

With new Vancouver-based virtual reality companies, which seem to be popping up every day - the VR/AR Association in partnership with the Vancouver Economic Commission, CreativeBC and Gowling WLG, created an extensive infographic to visualize Vancouver's virtual reality hub (courtesy of Vancouver Economic Commission

Vancouver Virtual Reality

Our Favorite Vancouver VR Companies

Since 2014, Llamazoo has been developing award-winning 3D visualization solutions across the globe, from the University of Pennsylvania to tier 1 mining companies. One of their pieces of software, EasyAnatomy is a 3D learning tool that allows veterinary students and educates to reduce reliance on cadaver dissection, while making the learning process to do so engaging and accessible. MineLife VR, another proprietary software of theirs', is a mine planning process that centralizes mining data into an interactive virtual reality experience, which has proven to be incredibly informative and useful for non-technical stakeholders.

CognitiveVR began its journey in 2015 with a goal to change the way human behavior data is analyzed. Since then, CognitiveVR has built a platform that measures, aggregates, and analyzes data from VR, AR, and MR experiences - and generates a report with actionable insights.. For example, their platform SceneExplorer synthesizes visualizations of human behavior in the 3-dimensional context in which they occur. This technology allows their clients to identify important insights within their virtual reality/augmented reality applications and develop a hypothesis on VR and augmented human interaction

Vancouver's Venture Reality Fund "drives innovation and investment at the interaction of immersive...and intelligent computing for consumer and enterprise sectors", which includes virtual reality & augmented reality. The Fund invests in innovative solutions and entrepreneurs across a wide range of sectors. The Fund prides itself on helping investors navigate the landscape of solutions. Co-Founded by Tipata Chennavasin, VR/AR spokesperson and thought leader who was previously the co-founder and CEO of mobile game startup Big Head Mode, Inc, and Marco DeMiroz, technology, and global investment executive who prior to the Fund, was Managing Director of Evolution Media Partners focusing on technologies relevant to media and entertainment.


The virtual reality hub in Vancouver is impressive, and we expect it to continue growing and evolving as virtual reality becomes more integrated into our day to day lives. Maverick VR offers Virtual Reality Rentals in Vancouver.

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Every rental provide by Maverick VR, follows our enhanced headset cleaning procedures.

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