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The Best Virtual Reality Games

In years past, many people shied away from virtual reality platforms as game choices were limited. But today, this has all changed because VR has become a cross disciplinary industry vetting developers from many countries and divisions. Virtual reality, or VR for short, is no longer a novel gaming concept, but a field where the experience continues to improve. In some cases, the immersive VR experiences is leading to actual VR addiction. The following information will discuss virtual reality market trends and future growth and then share the two most popular VR game categories.

Market Trends and Future Growth

With the creation of the Metaverse, virtual reality's future is everchanging and bright. In fact, VR is among the technologies with the highest projected overall growth potential.

According to the latest forecasts from Grandview Research, the global gaming market

size for virtual reality was valued at over $21 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at

an annual compound growth rate of 15% until 2030.

With increased market size and demand comes advancements in the industry.

The truth is that today, consumers want applications and games that go well beyond

tourism, marketing, and leisure. Furthermore, they opt for things that are more affordable to access. So, tech companies large and small are being challenged to create better games, higher quality headsets, more personalized experiences, and more at a cost that consumers can afford.

There are many big advancements coming to VR. For example, some of the largest tech

companies are working to develop wireless and HD headsets. Soon there should be VR

headsets that are 8K and feature faster, more powerful processors. There is speculation that they may try to integrate Artificial Intelligence into virtual reality within the next several years.

With so many leading companies allocating significant budgets to VR development and the huge consumer demand, it may prove to be a very interesting time for the evolution of virtual reality. The new standard, 5G, will allow larger user communities and more devices to be connected. Additionally, it features seamless latency, making it possible for people to receive images in real-time, almost as if they're seeing them in front of their eyes.

What does all of this mean? It means that VR is no longer a figment of someone's imagination; VR is here to stay and we can expect impressive improvements for years to come that will shape future generations.

Try These Popular VR Categories

Are you not sold on the idea of virtual reality yet and curious how people are using VR

for leisure? Check out two popular VR game categories. Once you try these games,

you will be hooked - we promise!


Who doesn't love baseball? After all, it is America's favorite pastime! And when it is

brought to the world of VR, it offers a unique experience like never before.

So get geared up and step up to the diamond and crush the ball in the super immersive

MLB Home Run Derby VR game. This game is presented by Major League Baseball and allows users to feel the power and action of every swing with their motion-based controls. Aside from great gameplay, MLB Home Run Derby also features the most realistic versions of MLB parks to date.

Roller Coasters

Are you an adrenaline junky who can't ride enough roller coasters? If so, wait until you

ride a VR roller coaster! Near our headquarters in Portland Maine, our team has been to

the Excalibur Wooden Roller Coaster, which is small compared to Kinda Ka and others which go up to 456 feet tall. If time does not permit you to experience these roller coasters, the good news is you can enjoy them in VR. Check out the game Epic Roller Coasters. You'll experience the same feeling of the ride as you are placed in situations and places you never thought possible. Think of things like haunted houses, dinosaurs, magic, and so on.

The Bottom Line

There's nothing quite like experiencing virtual reality games. If you've never tried this

captivating experience, contact Maverick VR and allow us to introduce you! We rent

high-quality gaming headsets and will guide you every step of the way, from choosing

the perfect game to experiencing the gameplay how it was meant to be enjoyed.

For more information, check out our blog and other interesting articles such as How to Watch Movies in Virtual Reality We are sure you will be in for a treat!



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