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Minecraft and Oculus Go Compatibility

Minecraft VR Game Image

Since its release in late 2009, Minecraft remains one of the best-selling games with over one hundred and fifty million downloads. Initially designed for the Xbox, this sandbox or 'create by design' format has allowed users to create new worlds and infinite landscapes. In recent years, the game has expanded into Personal Computers (PC), Wii U, Play Station, mobile devices, and now various Virtual Reality consoles. 

Single or multiplayer, building blocks are assembled into an open world where you can interact and construct without limits. Maybe its a village with loot, a pyramid, or mining for diamonds-- users can exchange goods and trade inventory for getting to a higher level. 


Leveling up can be achieved in a few different ways. In Minecraft, Experience Points or XP allows the player to improve their size, strength, weapons, or re-pair themselves. Some examples include killing mobs or cooking certain foods. Creating a furnace is a beginner's way of quickly gathering points by cooking meats/ smelting. 

The game utilizes several skills like trapping animals or fishing. The more a user does in a session, the more likely they are to succeed in Minecraft.

Minecraft and Oculus Go Compatibility  

First, we should mention that Minecraft is compatible with the more expensive Oculus Quest. If you have an Oculus Go, there are a few ways that Minecraft can be setup. 

One method of setting up Minecraft for the Oculus Go is through Gear Vr, a portable VR device that uses Samsung Technology. Gear can be downloaded directly from the Oculus Store. 

Another method of establishing Minecraft and Oculus Go compatibility is by installing it directly on to the headset. Be aware; it will be Second, necessary to switch out the controller. Traditionally, only one controller is used with the headset, which renders it incompatible with Minecraft. 

Through the Oculus app or the settings, you can re-pair a handset/ controller. It is recommended that you pair an X Box controller for it has several toggles which prove useful depending on how you move throughout the Minecraft environment. Jumping, ducking, and moving quickly will be aided if you use a PS4 or X Box Controller. 

There are several options when playing on the Oculus Go

 If you are feeling dizzy in the 3d environment, you also have the option to play in a Minecraft' living room' which we found was good for beginners. Rather than the PC version of Minecraft, where you can hit the blocks and 'mine,' it gets tiring on the Oculus Go. Check out settings, where you can alter the graphics cards, smoothness of moving, 3D rendering, or anything else that might interfere with you and the player comfort. Check out the platform where you can Livestream with friends, strangers, or by yourself. The variety of consoles allows a lot of gameplay! Enjoy 



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