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Maximize your ROI and Audience Engagement Leveraging Virtual Reality

At any convention center gathering, whether it be a trade show, conference, or special event, all of the participating companies are competing to capture the attention of the attendees. So why do so many event planners choose Virtual Reality as the best option to maximize the company's ROI?

Attach an Unforgettable Experience to Your Brand

Everyone knows Virtual Reality exists, but the vast majority of the population has never tried anything like it. Some have tried the smartphone-based virtual reality videos - which are typically simple, pixelated, and dull - but very few have tried truly immersive interactive room-scale experiences.

Personally, the first time I tried high-end virtual reality was in New York City while I was visiting family. Because I grew up in the area I had been to New York City dozens of times in the past, memories of each trip tend to blend into one another. But not this time! I had the chance to try out a room-scale immersive virtual reality experience and I was blown away. I vividly remember exactly where I was, the experiences I tried, and who I was with, all because of how engaging and unique the virtual reality experience was. In speaking with our clients we find that this is a feeling that nearly everyone has, which provides a fantastic opportunity for a brand to create a lasting impact on their guests.

Woman wearing a virtual reality headset playing a vr game

“It was one of the most unique experiences I’ve had at any event. I’ve literally been telling everyone I know about it and how I could probably spend the rest of my life just laying in bed in some virtual reality” – Victoria, Audubon Nature Institute, September 2017

Stop Chasing Guests and Start Pulling Them In

Having someone standing in the middle of your booth swinging their arms wildly into thin air definitely grabs everyone’s attention in the nearby area. VR is fun, new, exciting, and downright hilarious to watch. At just about all of our events, we have a huge crowd surrounding our VR booth with their phones out grabbing as many pictures and videos as they can to capture the moment. Having virtual reality at your booth is a natural magnet to pull people in and start a conversation. No more chasing the guests to start a conversation - be the Sirens of the tradeshow and have all the guests eagerly waiting to speak to you so that they can try out virtual reality for themselves.

Large outdoor event featuring a virtual reality booth

Include a Customized Video or Message

We pride ourselves in our ability to curate customized content, games, and experiences for all of our clients. Provide us with the theme of your event, and we will create a custom VR games and experiences menu that your guests will love. We even have the ability to drop in a previously recorded message or video to share with your guests within the experience, to maximize brand awareness. This is a great way to ensure that you are not only attracting people to your booth, but that information on your product or service is being shared with absolutely every person that drops by.

Man wearing a virtual reality headset

Here at VR Arcade NOLA, we focus on providing an amazing experience for your guests. We send at least one friendly on-site employee per VR Booth to all of our events to ensure that all guests at your conference, gala, party, or special event are receiving the best experience possible. For more information or to see how we might be able to help you with an upcoming event, please visit our website or contact us at



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