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How Long Is The Oculus Go Battery Life?

According to Statista, it is estimated that in 2029 over six hundred thousand Virtual Reality headsets were sold with projections to the top thirty million by 2023. 

Some of the most popular headsets purchased are the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift S, Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and the Panosite 3D VR Glasses. One of the reasons these headsets are so popular is how they are configured. Each operates through a cable connection to a gaming computer that provides plenty of power to the device allowing gameplay or applications to run continuously. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the Oculus Go headset. 

When using the Oculus Go Headset for parties, trade shows, or activations, we educate our clients so that they understand the limitations of the Oculus Go Battery Life. The Go’ differs from some other VR devices as it is a standalone headset without a gaming computer or cables attached that supply power. 

The Oculus Go Battery life lays somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5 hours before needing to be recharged. While the central controller has a battery port that can be replaced, the headset battery needs to be physically connected to a battery charger. 

How long the battery charge will last on the Oculus Go, and other standalone headsets will depend on the usage and format. When streaming content through the internet, the systems continually generate data without sleeping, as one might expect with a phone or computer. Therefore this will result in more substantial use of the battery compared to playing content on the device. Maverick VR recommends the downloading of data into the apps or internal storage of the equipment to maintain peak performance and extend battery life. 

Heat is also another significant component to beware of when using Oculus Go headsets. In scenarios where the Go’s sit outside (never particularly recommended) or in a studio under stage lights, The oculus has internal cooling mechanisms that also take up a severe amount of power. 

What solutions are there to the limited Oculus Go battery life?

Within the gaming community, there have been discussions of using external battery packs and other extensions that can be attached to the top of the Go to extend battery life. Some companies offer Extra-long USB/ android chords as an option. However, these solutions are have not been endorsed by Oculus, or Facebook, their parent company. 

Despite the challenges related to the Oculus Go battery life, Oculus Go headsets are popular headsets for both the consumer market and larger corporate deployments due to its simplicity and low cost. 

With preparation comes success. When on an installation, Maverick VR brings extra Oculus Go Headsets and keeps them on hand so they can be seamlessly integrated throughout the event to prevent any battery failures. 

Due to the lower price point, availability, and ease of use of these devices, we recommend the Oculus Go as it has better graphics, sound, and comfort than some of its competitors. 

A few additional tips for preserving the battery life of the Oculus Go are:

  • When shutting down, turn off the Go correctly

  • Avoid accidentally turning on The Oculus Go

  • Download videos in advance instead of streaming

  • Close all Games/Apps Before Putting it in Standby Mode

  • Us rechargeable batteries for oculus go remote




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