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Connect With Employees In Virtual Reality!

Applications like Zoom have been helpful in connecting with employees who work from home, but, Virtual Reality offers many options to be immersive and to foster engagement. Here are a few options to consider:

Team Meetings in SPATIAL

-Create a realistic 3D Avatar -Move, speak, and interact with others

-Present through your webcam -Use a whiteboard

-Screen share, integrations, and uploads

Team Events in RECROOM

Conduct Team Events or Team Building in Virtual Reality. Maverick VR can assist you with creating a private room for your team.

Over 17 Pages of Games and Experiences Can be Played From a User's Home


-Laser Tag - Dodgeball Create your own avatar; and use

-Paint Ball - Disc Golf microphone to speak regularly to

-Bowling -Paddle Ball people in the experience

-Charades -Obstacle courses

See some Demo's below

Recroom Dodgeball Demo

Recroom Disc Golf Demo

Team Entertainment - Movies

Big Screen VR

Watch movies and hang out with friends in virtual reality · Be anyone · Play games · Make friends · Big Screen Events · Attend live rocket launches, sporting events,  and MORE Up to 12 people at once in a private room

Features include:

• Remote Desktop. If you have a VR-compatible Windows 10 PC, this feature lets you use any Windows applications in virtual reality in Bigscreen! • Rent 3D Movies

• Video Player

• Watch Livestreams and free TV Channels

• Attend Live Events

• Split Screens

New Virtual Reality applications are coming out each week. While "gamers" were the original market for VR, innovative corporations are seeing the potential of these technologies in many operational areas including manufacturing, training, design, and communications.



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