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Cat Explorer for Virtual Reality How it works, & How To Use it!

What Is Cat Explorer?

Cat Explorer is a virtual reality application that allows users to explore the anatomy of a cat and points to the impact that virtual reality can have on education, training, and healthcare. The software, created by Leap Motion, encourages users to learn through experimentation. No controllers are needed; the Leap Motion Sensor calculates the location of your hands and fingers in physical space, and then replicates them within the virtual environment. Through different hand gestures, users can explore the organs, skeletons, and nervous system of Whiskey the cat.

“VR interactions have the potential to be easier and more intuitive than any other technology”, Leap Motion explains in a statement on its YouTube page. Veterinaries and medical schools around the world have begun utilizing virtual reality for training and education purposes. VR allows for a cleaner, and in many cases, a more ethical way for students to learn and develop relevant skills.

It's also plain fun. Whiskey the cat is colorful and playful, and guests love interacting with the virtual feline. Cat Explorer is a great example of how virtual reality can bridge the gap between learning and entertainment, and we expect to see more exciting experiences and environments developed by Leap Motion - and we're eager to incorporate these experiences within our virtual reality booths.

Cat Explorer Virtual Reality Booth

How Does it Work? (Nerds only)

To use the Cat Explorer application, a Leap Motion Controller is needed, which is a small USB device that we mount to the front of our virtual reality headsets. Using two monochromatic IR cameras and three infrared LEDs, the motion controller's camera can generate around 200 frames per second, which is analyzed by the Leap Motion software using a list of complex algorithms (yet to be disclosed by Leap Motion). The sensor allows users to interact with Whiskey without the need of any external controllers.

How To Use Cat Explorer

With no instructions or previous experience needed, Cat Explorer encourages experimentation and is designed to be intuitive.

Petting Whiskey

When Whiskey is a pet, its organs become exposed, allowing users to focus on specific organs including the heart, liver, stomach, etc.

Cat Explorer Virtual Reality Program

Removing Whiskey’s Layers

Using the menu bar underneath Whiskey, users can remove its outer layers: fur, skin, muscles, etc. by sliding your finger along the bar.

Cat Explorer Virtual Reality Experience

Expanding Whiskey

There’s a small, white string that sits to the right of Whiskey. Pinch it and drag it down to see all of Whiskey’s organs expand outwards. You can even lock it into place so that Whiskey is permanently 'Expanded'.

Removing Whiskey’s Body Parts

On the menu bar, pressing the oval-shaped button labeled ‘Select” will also users to then remove portions of Whiskey’s body by pinching the edges of the box that surrounds Whiskey, and dragging it alongside its body

Spin Whiskey

The pedestal that Whiskey stands on can rotate. Simply take your finger and swipe it along the edge of the platform and you'll be able to interact with Whiskey at different angles.


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