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5 Badass Women Revolutionizing Virtual Reality (VR)

A Woman Demonstrating A VR Hand Set

Women have been at the forefront of the VR revolution - all the way since the technology's beginnings. Viar360 wrote a great article highlighting 35 women who have been "Killing it" in Virtual Reality. We wanted to go ahead and highlight 3 of them!

Helen Situ - Co-founder and COO at Moment

Alma Mater: University of California, Berkeley

Cool Fact: Helen was one of the first employees at NextVR, a leading VR company focused on live entertainment

Personal Website:

Christine Cattano - Global Head of VR, Executive Producer at Framestore

Alma Mater: Penn State

About Framestore: "Framestore VR Studio combines highly immersive interactive experiences with Oscar-winning visuals. We are uniquely placed as the first and most awarded Virtual Reality studio in the world, bringing Hollywood caliber visuals to the theatre of immersion"

Suzanne Leibrick - XR Market Development Engineer at Intel Corporation

Alma Mater: Kings College London, Art Institutes Sacramento

Cool Fact: Suzanne started a school to teach women VR and AR development for very low cost in addition to a meetup group that ensures that VR/AR becomes a diverse bubble within the larger tech landscape

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