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Maverick VR at the Super Bowl!

Maverick VR recently partnered with Macy's to provide football-themed VR experiences for their Mall of America store in Minneapolis during Super Bowl LII weekend!

Super Bowl Logo

Macy's had a number of exciting activations going on that weekend - Super Bowl merchandise releases, autograph signings, etc. - but they felt that they needed something new and exciting to take their weekend of events to the next level. They reached out to us here at Maverick VR to provide customized virtual reality experiences, and we were happy to help them out!

Virtual Reality Rental Demonstration

We provided several football-themed VR experiences, and the attendees had a blast! We had lines at both of our VR booths all day, as Patriots and Eagles fans tested their virtual accuracy and tried to set high scores! A quick video of two guests trying out a VR Quarterback experience is below.

Macy's is one of several nationwide brands, as well as Red Bull, Shell Oil, Yelp, that have hired Maverick VR to provide customized virtual reality events for their conferences and private parties. Congrats to the Eagles on their Super Bowl victory, and reach out to us here at Maverick VR to help your next event take flight!



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