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Why Virtual Reality Works at Corporate Events

Corporate Event Planners have a huge responsibility to produce events that will satisfy both management and participants. Many have found the use of immersive technology helpful in accomplishing their goals of providing education, fun, or a new experience for their attendees

In this article, we will focus on adding some "fun" to your corporate event. We will highlight several VR experiences that have proven to be "winners" at corporate events of all sizes.

Create a Friendly Competition

There are many sports-related VR games. Set up a leaderboard, perhaps giveaway prizes to those who get the high scores. Below is an example of a baseball game followed by Beat Saber, considered the most popular VR game.

Challenge your participants to get out of their comfort zones.

Richie's Plank Experience was designed to invoke the strongest possible emotions in the shortest possible time. Entertain your friends and family as they walk the plank, 80 stories high. Knees weak, palms sweaty. This game invokes a near-instant emotional reaction.

Add a meditation lounge to your event

Everyone is interested reducing stress. Many events have added a massage area where attendees can relax and get a few minutes of rest and recuperation as a message therapist works out the knots in their neck. Consider adding a meditation zone

Bring peace, joy, and calm back into your daily life with Guided Meditation VR™. Enjoy 100+ lush environments to escape the every day. With 20+ hours of guided meditations in Zen, Loving Compassion, Maternity, Depression, or Sleep. 50+ relaxing audio tracks designed to enhance your meditation experience.

Enjoy A Round Of Golf

GOLF+ is the ultimate VR Golf experience and the exclusive VR Golf game of the PGA TOUR. Join your friends for a round on Pebble Beach, Pinehurst No. 2, TPC Sawgrass, and more. Want something more casual? Hang out at Topgolf for a night of music and games. Iconic Real World Courses (DLC) that include Pebble Beach, Pinehurst No. 2, and TPC Scottsdale - Castle Links, Alpine, and Cliffs

Play Some Table Tennis

You’re about to face 16 opponents in the single-player campaign. Beware! The higher the Cup, the more demanding and troublesome it gets! ARCADE & SIMULATION MODES Decide for yourself whether you wish to obtain the most accurate or the most entertaining table tennis experience! BEAUTIFUL SCENERIES Choose one of 5 amazing sceneries and decide whether you wish to play in daylight or at night! MOTION CAPTURE ANIMATIONS: To deliver the most realistic characters’ movements, we relied upon motion capture data for our animations.

Maverick VR can assist with bringing your choice of hundreds of games and experiences to your corporate event, trade show, or private party. For more information, visit



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