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Why Nonprofits Use Virtual Reality for Charity Events

While nonprofits often share their story via online campaigns or printed materials, many organizations have been using virtual reality to raise awareness for their cause. VR booths offer an immersive experience that helps convey the complexity of a problem. By transporting potential donors into unfamiliar worlds, it provides them with an opportunity to empathize with situations that otherwise, may be difficult to empathize with.

The team at Maverick VR is passionate about working with nonprofits and socially conscious enterprises. We love assisting organizations that are doing good for the world, by curating personalized virtual reality experiences for them. Recently, our team worked with IJM (International Justice Mission), an organization that focuses on human rights, law, and law enforcement and an organization that consists of an amazing group of people looking to end human-trafficking (see photos from the event below). It is a privilege to witness the power of virtual reality and how it can influence people to contribute to and support great organizations and causes.

With respect to the impact of virtual reality and VR booths on donations gathered at charity events, the statistics have been promising. Amnesty International reported a 16% increase in signups for repeat donations via direct debit donations as a result of introducing virtual reality into their charity events, and according to Facebook’s Shifts for 2020: Multi-sensory, 48% of virtual reality charity content viewers were likely to donate larger sums than those engaged by other types of media. Award-winning Virtual Reality filmmaker Chris Milk declared that VR is “...the ultimate empathy machine” and that, “[Virtual reality] connects humans to other humans in a profound way I’ve never before seen in any other forms of media, and it can change people's perception of each other”. We couldn't agree more!

Virtual reality is often viewed as just a form of entertainment. However, virtual reality applications are diverse and extensive and can be used as a force for good. It’s sometimes difficult to convey the urgency of a problem simply through words and photographs. And, if people don’t feel connected and emotionally tied to a cause, they are less inclined to offer their resources, whether that be time or finances. Virtual reality booths have proven to be useful in facilitating this connection between a person and a cause.

Two Young Girls Wearing IJM Branded Headsets

While we often blame advancements in technology as a source of human isolation and disconnect, virtual reality has challenged this. By putting people in others' shoes, we can activate empathy within people - a priority for nonprofits as they strive to build a network of supporters.


We gathered a list of informative articles about nonprofits and virtual reality for those who want to learn more. If you are interested in working with us, so that we can help you create an amazing virtual reality event for your next fundraiser or charity event, we'd love to chat about our virtual reality booths and virtual reality rentals.

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IJM Branded Headsets Worn By Group In Lounge Area


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