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Why Dallas Embraces VR Events

Dallas, Texas is known for rodeos, football, and great Texas food! We can relate because we have set up virtual reality booths for multiple successful events in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area. And besides the aforementioned qualities of Dallas, the city has so much to offer including being an economic, cultural, and technological hub.

With all these things going for it, of course, VR events are becoming more and more popular in Dallas.

Dallas is Modern
Man Playing Virtual Reality Baseball at a VR Booth in Dallas

From it's modern and sleek looking skyline and architecture to its world-renowned reputation as a technology hub, Dallas is seen as a city that is constantly moving forward. This is why virtual reality events are so important and fit right into Dallas and the culture.

Having a virtual reality station is basically guaranteed to be hit for two reasons:

  • You have people that are already familiar with the technology and will enjoy and be grateful that you had VR stations at your event.

  • You will have people who have never tried virtual reality and will love cool and unique features of it; such as virtually walking in the middle of the ocean while standing in North Texas.

Any addition, Dallas's most known resident, Mark Cuban, made his fortune in the technology industry. It is no surprise that chose Dallas to be the capital of his tech empire.

A VR event adds to Dallas' Diversity

2 people trying virtual reality at an indoor event

Not only is Dallas culturally and ethnically diverse, but it also very diverse in its views, interests, and attitudes. Dallas is known for having an exceptional art scene, we have a perfect VR experience for that. Science and technology are key for the Dallas economy, we think battling aliens in faraway worlds would fit right in.

And of course, sports are huge in Dallas. Imagine being able to shoot a basketball, engage in a boxing match, or have an archery contest all at your event! It is more than possible due to the wonders of virtual reality and our proven formula to put on a fun and customizable virtual reality experiences.

Everything is bigger in Texas. If you're throwing an event in Dallas, it needs to be big and it needs to be grand. Having a virtual reality booth(s) can add that natural boost to your event. Even though events in Dallas can be huge, at Maverick VR we are more than capable of providing enough virtual reality booths and experiences to serve all types of events and sizes.

If you think one VR will not get the job done, then maybe 3 or 4...6 might be the perfect number to provide your event with a Texas-sized amount of fun and memories to last a lifetime.


Dallas, Texas is a major hub for technology and activities. Now is the perfect time to use a virtual reality booth to take your event to the next level.

Virtual reality rentals in Dallas and VR Booths are a great addition to any event, providing a unique and customized entertainment option for groups of any age and size. With locations in all the major cities throughout the US and Canada.

Click here to watch a video and see what guests think of Maverick VR:



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