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Why 2019 is the Year for Virtual Reality Rentals & Booths

From Bar Mitzvahs to trade shows, Virtual Reality booths have become an increasingly popular entertainment service at public and private events. As we approach 2019, VR technology will become more integrated into our lives. As a result, it’s expected that VR will become increasingly prevalent in entertainment spaces, especially since it's proven itself to be a natural addition to all types of events. Here’s why:

Two Virtual Reality Booths At A Corporate Event

VR is Versatile

With Virtual Reality environments like Google’s Tilt Brush, which lets users paint in life-size 3-dimensional space, or Home Run Derby -an environment where users can play baseball on a virtual field – there is truly an environment for everyone and for any type of occasion. Virtual Reality booths are adaptable and can be easily personalized. Here at Maverick VR, we pride ourselves in providing high-end Virtual Reality booths and turn-key services to events nationwide and the versatility of Virtual Reality makes this possible.

VR Draws in Crowds

Virtual Reality booths are also entertaining for the booths' onlookers; watching people use Virtual Reality is just as enjoyable as experiencing it directly. If you don’t believe us, Youtube “Funny People in Virtual Reality.” You’ll find yourself spending hours watching people swinging Virtual Reality controllers and jumping around. This feature of VR often draws in crowds and spurs excitement, which features that are priorities for any event planner!

VR is a Novelty

The novelty of Virtual Reality makes it an exciting addition to any type of event and as a result, we expect it to be a frequent addition to event and entertainment spaces. While most people are familiar with VR technology, few have experienced it. Providing guests with not only an entertaining experience but an experience that they have never engaged with before, creates a truly memorable moment. For Event Planners, curating events that leave a lasting impression on guests is important, and Virtual Reality rentals and booths can fulfill this need.

VR is enjoyed by all ages

Virtual Reality is truly an experience enjoyed by all, and regardless of age, you will become immersed in the VR experience. Since Virtual Reality booths are versatile, it becomes easy to curate a list of environments that can either be for a young thrill-seeker or an older generation looking to enjoy beautiful landscapes and scenery.

Looking Forward to 2019...

As technology becomes more intertwined with our daily lives, it seems only natural that more technologically based entertainment services begin to replace more traditional entertainment services like photo-booths or caricature artists. As we look towards the new year and event planners and the entertainment industry continues to innovate and evolve, it should not be any surprise that we will begin to see Virtual Reality at all sorts of events. At Maverick VR, we are excited about a new year filled with Virtual Reality. We look forward to another year working with event planners and companies that are excited about including disruptive and modern entertainment options into their events.

Girl Wearing A HTC Vive Headset

Looking to add a unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event? Skip the boring photo booth and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come with virtual reality!

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