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Virtual Reality for Private Parties, Weddings, and Conventions: Why Event Planners Are Embracing VR

Many event planners have approached us here at VR Arcade NOLA asking how they can impress their clients and take their event to the next level. What makes virtual reality the perfect addition to private events - from corporate conventions to birthday parties to wedding receptions? Let us count the ways!

  1. Have your guests experienced Virtual Reality? Truly immersive virtual reality is an amazing experience that will leave your guests breathless. 99% of people have yet to experience high-end, immersive VR but are eager to try it, and we are proud to be the only company in the Southeast that offers cutting-edge VR experiences to the public. Event planners understand that by bringing virtual reality to their events, they are providing their clients with a unique experience they will remember for a long time. As we’ve mentioned before in our blog - why settle for a tired photo booth rental, when you could rent a virtual reality booth and blow people’s minds?

  2. We work with event planners across the gulf south - from our home base in New Orleans, west to Baton Rouge and Lafayette, east to Slidell and Mobile, and everywhere in between. And because we are locally-based, we are able to send our own personnel to set up, staff, and break down the virtual reality booth for a party or wedding. Event planners take comfort knowing their guests are experiencing the latest and greatest in VR while being assisted by knowledgeable professionals.

  3. Virtual reality booths are flexible and can be adapted to nearly any setting. We’ve seen event planners hire us for a quick wedding reception, a corporate happy hour, a welcome treat at the hotel check-in desk for out-of-town visitors, or as a fun physical experience option in between sessions at a convention. We have even worked with some event planners to wow out-of-town visitors with customized VR experiences that showcase the local geography and music of our region!

  4. VR engages the crowd unlike any photo booth or traditional entertainment ever could. Virtual reality is not only a blast for the person experiencing VR, but it always draws a crowd of interested onlookers. People love watching the VR visitor swing their arms wildly while using their VR controllers, and often their hilarious reactions get uploaded to social media - Facebook and Snapchat are perfect platforms to capture these moments and share them with your coworkers and friends. The fact that VR creates engagement both physically and in the world of social media is a win-win for event planners and their clients.

Virtual Reality Rental at NOEW Trade Show

At VR Arcade NOLA, we love working with event planners to provide them with the cutting-edge virtual reality experiences they need to wow their guests. Customized and branded content for parties, events, and weddings is also available, as are mixed reality immersions (even more fun than it sounds)! Contact us today to get more details for your next party.



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