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Virtual Reality: Can it Replace Face-to-Face Business Meetings?

After a busy week of bringing virtual reality booths and VR rentals to different events around the country, the Maverick VR team huddled together to investigate some of the latest trends in VR. We stumbled across some interesting articles highlighting the usage of virtual reality for business meetings, and how using VR booths have improved the efficiency and/or the overall experience of business meetings.

Skype/Google Hangout v.s Virtual Reality

When thinking about integrating VR into business meetings, the natural question that arises is whether or not VR booths are a better alternative than the current alternatives to face-to-face meetings: is VR better than video conferencing? The benefits of using Skype or similar video conferencing applications are apparent: regardless of where you are in the world, video conferencing allows individuals to connect with one another. So what are the benefits of replacing video conferencing, with virtual reality and virtual reality rooms?

A Group Of People Hold A Business Meeting In Virtual Reality

There are plenty of VR applications that allow users to meet together in virtual rooms, often with Avatars representing each person as opposed to an image of their face. In this scenario, it's hard to see why this experience would be better or more immersive than a simple video conference. In addition, there's a slight learning curve when it comes to using these VR applications and it requires investing in virtual reality hardware; in a lot of instances, using a video conferencing platform seems like the better fit.

VR for Design & Architecture Related Businesses

While virtual reality may not be appropriate for the 'average' business meeting, there are some industries in which using VR as a medium for communication and collaboration between people provides benefits. Industries like design and architecture, in which 3-dimensional models of structures are often used, have begun investing in using virtual reality booths and headsets in order to host meetings. Improv, is a VR application that allows users to connect in a virtual room and interact with CAD models of buildings and other similar structures, in virtual space. It's often hard to convey the subtleties of 3-dimensional structures on a 2-dimensional computer screen. As a result, virtual reality applications like Improv provides an opportunity for a unique collaboration between designers and engineers, which wouldn't be possible in a video conference.

An Older Man Has A Meeting In Virtual Reality


Below we've listed some other popular VR applications that allow for business-related meetings and conferences. Be sure to check them out, and let us know what you think of them. And, be sure to ask us about our we can integrate our VR booths and virtual reality rentals into your next conference!

the primary focus of this application is to help people collaborate and hang out in a virtual room. IT allows colleagues to converse within virtual reality and lets them share ideas and projects remotely. The experience is novel and the visuals are impressive.

Cisco Spark is a cross-platform service, which allows colleagues to collaborate with one another. The software can be used through smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Objective Theory

O.T is a VR software company that primarily focuses on developing software for Hololens and Windows MR headsets. This application provides users with a 3D avatar that can interact with other avatars in virtual space. This is another popular application that businesses have begun investing in to host business conferences and meetings.

Two Young Men Attend A Meeting In Virtual Reality

Looking to add a unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event? Skip the boring photo booth and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come with virtual reality!



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