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Virtual Reality Fitness is Here

Remember when Jane Fonda had at-home exercise videos, and it made a big splash? Those times are back, sort of!  With everything that is going on in the world right now with Covid-19, It's understandable that fitness might be low on your priority list. However, as you may have spare time and some boredom from being at home, it may be an opportunity to work on your physical health and mental clarity with a simple addition to the beginning or end of your day after mundane activities. There's a new discipline known as virtual reality fitness that will be discussed later in this article.  The Growth Of Home Fitness Options Recently, at home, exercise programs have experienced a significant increase in popularity, such as CrossFit. Experts, celebrities, and well-organized gym establishments have come together to hone in their base, and potentially secure another revenue stream from those who don't have the time or desire to go to gyms. As your first option, there's the traditional cross play of games which naturally involve movement and offer ample opportunity to increase your endurance. Workout Based companies like Mirror Co provide another option, and Tempo uses physical mirrors and have custom programs using integrated home furniture and strict fitness regimes.   Elite gyms and fitness clubs like Orange Theory, Barrys, Peloton, and Rebel UK, which have all seen super levels of success these past years, are now reforming as they refocus the relationships between individuals and their fitness instructors. While memberships are furloughed, or for a discounted price, many users have fitness opportunities online. Working out at home will likely see significant growth during the Covid-19 quarantine and beyond as social distancing concerns will remain in the coming months. At first, some might question the efficacy of some gym instructors' suggestions, in a time when families are trying to tighten their belts, rather than invest in a new set of barbells.  Spending money to exercise at home may not be necessary as using one's natural weight against sofa/bed or using your child's backpack as a form of deadweight is just as effective as the equipment they would like us to buy. These strategies extend into numerous categories, like 'The Sculpt Society' who specializes in cardio dance classes, and 'Aaptiv' that only requires a headphone for its audio-only workouts. Workout Based companies like Mirror Co and Tempo use physical mirrors and have custom programs using integrated home furniture and strict fitness regimes. 

Virtual Reality Fitness Almost everyone would concur that regular exercise is a healthy activity that they should to some extent make part of their life. However, the reality is that many people do not have the best habits in this area and that their motivation fluctuates when it actually comes to doing the exercise. It is probably easier for those that live in areas with plenty of sunshine and warm weather, such as our friends are Virtual Reality Santa Barbara and Virtual Reality Santa Cruz.

The good news is that Virtual Reality technology offers a new twist on the home workout. For those who have not found their motivation peaked by music, videos, or the television, perhaps the more immersive VR will prove to provide the motivation necessary to sustain a home workout. For those who have VR devices sitting at home, or are considering a purchase, several games are rising in popularity and work well for a home fitness program.  When reviewing options for your home workout, one of the most popular/notorious varieties is a game like 'Beat Saber', where jostling biceps, squats, and lunges are an integral point to a high score. This game has multiple levels, so it is an excellent solution to increase the pace of your workout while you increase your skills at the game, Other software programs have been designed specifically for Virtual Reality Fitness. These include Sport Centric Games: First Person Tennis, a real tennis simulator, Echo Arena, Golf Club Simulator, Sprint Vector,(running), and Creed a boxing game. Other notable games include Box VR and Dance Central.  Whatever your style, price range, and motivation level, there are many integrated and new Virtual options on the market. As industry experts, Maverick VR is here to help in any way that we can. Let us know if we can be of any assistance in helping you understand the world of Virtual Reality. Better yet, take a moment and find out, What Our Clients Are Saying About Their Virtual Reality Events With Maverick VR.   



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