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Unique VR Booth Benefits

Do you need to add a more unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event? Skip the boring photo booth and bean bag toss, and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come with a customized virtual reality booth!

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the 21st century's most unique pieces of technology. Is it like an Imax experience? Is it for more than just video gamers? The answer is both . . . and more!

A Virtual Reality Booth offers maximum utility for your next event. Not only is a virtual reality experience a whole lot of fun for any and all ages, but it also offers more features than most people would even consider for their trade show, conference, or corporate party!

All you need is some space (we recommend 10x10) and the experienced team here at Maverick VR will provide a customized virtual reality rental that is unlike any other. In this article, we want to talk about not just what a VR booth can offer in addition to the actual virtual reality experiences.

Your Branding

Virtual Reality Booth at a Corporate Conference

Branding is very important in the world of business. One of the biggest and most impactful enhancements for your business is the ability to incorporate virtual reality branding at our VR station. You can brand the VR headset, menu, physical collateral, and even within certain VR experiences!

Branding your virtual reality station accomplishes two purposes. First, it gives your brand a forward-focused look which is great for your customers and employees to see. Secondly, and equally, as important, it makes your brand automatically stand out, which is key at a tradeshow conference, or convention when often your competitor is set up right next to you.

Our Equipment

Man Trying HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset

Our equipment offers the latest technology that VR has to offer. We want to make VR easy for all of our clients to incorporate into their next trade show, conference, or event, so we focus on providing a turnkey solution every step of the way. We provide everything you need for your customized VR activation, including VR equipment, computers to power the VR experiences, televisions, and all other items needed to create an aesthetically pleasing virtual reality event booth.

And before each VR event, we thoroughly test the equipment to make sure your guests will enjoy a seamless virtual reality experience!

Our Brand Ambassadors

Virtual Reality Brand Ambassador Assisting with HTC Vive

While the virtual reality booth is the star, our VR brand ambassadors serve as the directors or conductors for your VR experiences. Our brand ambassadors are knowledgeable and passionate about everything virtual reality. In addition, they serve as your turnkey VR engineers by setting up each virtual reality booth beforehand and taking down the equipment in a quick and orderly fashion at the end of the event.

Unique Experience Customization

Tilt Brush VR Game Demonstration
Tilt Brush Game Demo

Another unique offering that we have is the ability to offer customized VR experiences to the guests that are specifically curated to mesh with and enhance the theme of your event or corporate party. We can even create an entirely new VR experience just for you!

We recently accomplished this feat for Sony for one of their recent events in Los Angeles in which they were showcasing their upcoming television shows. Our task was not only to provide a great VR event but also to create a customized VR experience from scratch. Since they wanted to highlight medical shows, and we developed a brand new virtual reality experience wherein the user could walk through an actual operating room!


While the VR experiences serve as the backbone of any great event, the features and capabilities listed above add to the overall success and make it truly unforgettable. With these unique features and the general fun and immersion that a virtual reality booth provides, it's safe to say that VR will be a staple at conferences, conventions, and corporate parties for years to come.

Book Maverick VR for your virtual reality rentals and VR Booths for any event, as we provide a unique and customized entertainment option for groups of any age and size. We also service locations in all the major cities throughout the US and Canada.



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