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Therapeutic uses for Virtual Reality

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Millions of people use virtual reality for entertainment purposes each year. Those who have ever strapped on a pair of these 3-D goggles know just how immersive virtual worlds are. However, as technology advances, virtual reality is no longer only for fun and games. In fact, it’s increasingly becoming a popular modality for mental health therapy and treatment.

Yet, virtual reality therapy isn’t the same as teletherapy, where patients speak with a therapist over video chat rather than an office visit. When used correctly, virtual worlds offer users an immersive digital environment shown to have profound effects on many mental health diagnoses.

Virtual Reality in a Hospital Setting

There are already more than 200 hospitals across the United States using VR in clinical practice and more worldwide. Platforms are being used to treat patients with chronic pain, conditions related to the autism spectrum, concussions, and attention deficit disorders.

Moreover, VR in the hospital setting allows patients of all ages to experience new environments. Imagine the immersive experience created for a person suffering from a chronic condition that leaves them hospitalized for extended periods, such as cancer or surgery patients.

New Solutions on the Rise

Virtual Reality also offers a solution for amblyopia, or lazy eye, which affects up to three percent of the population. Thanks to science and technological advancements, companies such as Luminopia are pioneering VR treatments for neuro-visual disorders.

Recently, the FDA approved the company’s first piece of technology known as Luminopia One. This headset allows patients to watch TV through a VR headset to correct their vision. This novel tech is the first that is expected to treat millions of children affected with this condition and serves as the initial step toward using the tech to treat other health conditions.

Tooling and Training for Different Industries

The other thing that virtual reality brings to the table is that it offers tooling and training for different industries. Possibilities are endless; just imagine universities and hospitals using VR headsets to train doctors and prepare them for the operating room. Or manufacturing industries teaching workers to operate machinery without the risk of injury.

Companies such as Tooling U provide virtual reality training for entire workforces. They offer virtual labs that provide repeated practice for employees and students to gain a good baseline knowledge of the curriculum before using actual equipment. This allows the team to take a hands-on approach, which builds proficiency and confidence.

It’s evident that VR is an industry that’s here to stay and will continue to add value to different markets as the technology advances. If your company recently invested in new virtual reality software, bring it to us, and we can help deploy the system.

So, contact us here at Maverick VR today, and let’s discuss your needs! We’ll deliver a plan that fits your event down to the smallest detail. We offer services across the United States and recently added services across Canada. So, regardless of where you are - call us, and let’s make your VR dream reality!



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