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theBlu: Explore Ocean Depths at the Virtual Reality (VR) Booth - Virtual Reality (VR) Review

Experience the wonder and majesty of the ocean through a series of habitats and come face to face with some of the most awe inspiring species on the planet, all from the Virtual Reality (VR) Booth during your next event, conference, convention, trade show, or brand activation.

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Experience

theBlu is a Maverick VR Virtual Reality (VR) booth staple. It is a Virtual Reality (VR) experience suitable for all guests: VR newbies and pros alike. The various different animal encounters in stunning high-definition, room-scale view make theBlu in unforgettable experience guaranteed to make a positive impact on your guests.

A Sundance Film Festival Selection At Your Virtual Reality (VR) Booth

theBlu is an underwater series consisting of three Virtual Reality (VR) vignettes designed as beautiful moments in passing that powerfully tap into the vast potential of Virtual Reality (VR). The debut episode, featuring an incredible close encounter with an 80 foot whale, is already recognized as one the most iconic room scale Virtual Reality (VR) experiences to date (a Sundance Film Festival 2016 selection).

theBlu contains three different Virtual Reality (VR) experiences that showcase different marine environments. They are:

Whale Encounter

An undersea encounter with the largest species on earth. This room-scale encounter of a massive 80ft wale is awe inspiring and guaranteed to pack a lot of ‘wow factor’ at the Virtual Reality (VR) booth.

Reef Migration

Witness the magnificence of an undersea migration on the edge of a coral reef. This environment features a bright colorful world filled with diverse wildlife guaranteed to impress guests at the Virtual Reality (VR) booth.

Luminous Abyss

Venture into the deepest region of the ocean to discover the iridescent abyss. It can get pretty dark down there, so be sure to use your flashlight to look flow the strange-yet-majestic bioluminescent wildlife.

Game Highlights

  • Suitable for guests at all ages and gaming experience levels

  • Great for first time users of Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Encounter dozens of different wildlife including a massive 80 ft whale.

  • Great graphics and very polished experience (Sundance Film Festival 2016 Selection)

Looking to add a unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event? Skip the boring photo booth and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come with virtual reality!

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