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Top 5 Virtual Reality Games And Experiences For Larger Groups

When setting up a virtual reality (VR) booth for a party you want to make sure all of the guests have a chance to experience it for themselves. Having handled dozens of events in and around New Orleans spanning from bar and bat mitzvah's, birthday parties, conferences and conventions we have seen that people tend to gravitate towards some of the same virtual reality experiences over and over. Here are the top 5 games our parties have enjoyed that create mind-blowing experiences whether you're an experienced gamer or a first-time VR Visitor!

1) Fruit Ninja VR – This ageless tablet/smartphone game is incredibly fun in virtual reality. Using your hands as your ninja swords you need to cut down as much flying fruit as possible while avoiding the bombs. Our parties especially love this one for the competitive aspect - can you chop your way to the high score of the day?


2) The Blu Encounter – The detail in this underwater experience is incredible - it’s as if you are actually standing on the bow of sunken ship! The experience only lasts a few minutes, but in that time you watch schools of fish swirl around you and come face to face with a gigantic blue whale. This is definitely one of the most visually stunning virtual reality experiences ever made.


3) Space Pirate Trainer – Not only is this VR experience quick and extremely fun, but it’s hilarious to watch your friends bob and weave while trying to avoid getting hit by virtual laser bolts. With a laser gun in each hand, the goal is to shoot down the alien space ships before they shoot you. The best part is you have to physically move out of the way and dodge their blasts Matrix-style. This is another great choice for those competitive folks looking to try to get a high score.

Space guns

4) The Lab, Vesper Peak – Who doesn’t like playing with puppies on the mountainside while at a party in New Orleans? Another captivating experience with unbelievable detail, this game allows you to move around and explore a visually stunning peak. Also, your virtual robot puppy will be there to keep you company and play fetch with you for as long as you like.

Dog Mountain

5) The Lab, Longbow – Longbow allows people to try their luck with a virtual bow and arrow. As you stand guard in your tower, you mission is to stop the invading barbarian horde as they try to break through your castle's gate. The sensory effect of the vibrating controller makes for an incredibly engaging experience while shooting arrows, and the ever-increasing waves of barbarians make this challenge a favorite for small and large parties alike.


There are many more games and experiences which parties love, but these are definitely some of the more popular titles. All of the games and experiences create an interactive, fun, unique environment for any party or event. So next time you are considering bringing in a photo booth or another standard party rental, consider taking your party to the next level with Virtual Reality!



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