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Showcase Your Brand with a Virtual Reality Logo Experience

Maverick VR is proud to announce the latest addition to our branding options and experience customizations: the Virtual Logo Experience.

With the Virtual Logo Experience, Maverick VR converts your 2D logo into a 3D design that guests can experience up close and in-person. Setup is simple. All we need is an SVG, eps, pdf, or illustrator file of your current standard format logo, and our team of VR experts can take care of the rest. This innovative technology is guaranteed to impress at the VR booth during your next event, conference, convention, trade show, or brand activation.

Click and drag your mouse around on our Maverick VR logo below for an example of what our Virtual Logo Experience looks like!

Experience Your Brand in a Whole New Medium

Tilt Brush Game Logo

Once we place your brand’s logo into virtual reality, guests can interact with the 3D logo and paint life-sized three-dimensional brush strokes with ease. Brush styles like stars, light, ink, smoke, snow, and fire are just some of the palette options guests will have at their disposal. At Maverick VR, we give a one-on-one walkthrough of the VR controls to each guest. We encourage everyone to experiment with all the different brush styles and explore the wonders available to them at the Virtual Reality booth to ensure that your guests have the best experience possible with your brand.

Empower Every Guest to Interact with Your Logo

Tilt Brush Game Image

You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy the full Virtual Logo Experience. Intuitive controls, stunning perspective-bending visuals, and endless brush and color combinations empower guests at every experience level to express their creativity. The user-friendly interface and wide accessibility for guests make the Virtual Logo Experience a VR booth staple for many events, conferences, conventions, trade shows, or brand activations.

Walk Around (and Through!) Your Logo

Tilt Brush Branded With Maverick VR Logo

Give your guests an experience, unlike anything they’ve seen before in room-scale Virtual Reality. Guests can observe your logo at every angle imaginable in a 3D, 360-degree view; they can walk around or through your logo, shrink your logo to fit in the palm of their hand, or even enlarge your logo to watch it tower over them!

With the Maverick VR Virtual Logo Experience, your Virtual Reality booth is guaranteed to deliver a serious ‘wow factor’ at your event, conference, convention, trade show, or brand activation.

Share Your Creations on Social Media

Tilt Brush Branded With Maverick Logo White

Want to bring a social media element into your Virtual Reality booth? Allow guests to share the artwork they created with YOUR logo online. Add in specific slogans or hashtags to your 3D logo design to maximize the impact of your brand’s message. Our event staff can even take screenshots of your guests' creations and post them on social media.

The Maverick VR Virtual Logo Experience is a great way to engage users at your VR booth, start a conversation about your brand, and open the doors to networking opportunities.

Benefits of the Maverick VR Virtual Logo Experience:

  • Experience your brand in a whole new medium

  • Intuitive controls and endless brush/color combinations allow guests to express their creativity

  • Guests can draw on top of your logo, walk through it, and more. The only limit is their imagination!

  • Add in specific slogans or hashtags to maximize the impact of your brand’s message

  • Share screenshots of the guests' creation and post them on social media

Looking for more information on how you can make your brand stand out? In this article, we took a deep dive into how you can align your brand with disruptive virtual reality.

Click here to watch a video and see what guests think of Maverick VR:

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