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Savvy Event Planners Add Excitement to Their Holiday Parties

Man setting up virtual reality booth
Setting Up The Virtual Reality Booth

Man using virtual reality outside the conference room
Virtual Reality Booth Outside The Conference Room

Virtual Reality Booth set up and ready to play the game TheBlue
Virtual Reality Booth Ready to Play TheBlue Game

The holidays are rapidly approaching. As you gear up for holiday cheer and dress to impress, there are other assets to a great party besides a great venue, food, and music. You want your guests to be actively entertained, and engaged with the other aspects you have paid deep attention to.

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, business, birthday, or lavish party in general!?

Autumn is among us, and that means the time to give thanks, cooler weather and the celebratory atmosphere is in the air. Here are a few of the reasons why you should include Virtual Reality into your event this year:

Virtual Reality Booths do not take up a lot of Space

Along with all serious fun, sometimes activities like a trampoline room or interior skydiving aren’t realistic for your space.. Per booth, virtual Reality (generally) requires a 10x10 space, and all of the equipment is brought to your door!

Why is this important? Unlike other styles of booths that are larger, harder to set up, and do not offer as much utility; all we need is a corner and with that, we can make your experience happen!

The Games are Diverse and as Interactive as you like!

Here is an example of one of our featured games for Halloween, Its called Zombie Training Simulator and is always a crowd favorite.

Whether it's being attacked by zombies, drawing a jack-o-lantern in a virtual reality experience, or evading aliens from a distant planet, we will find the right fit for you. And if given enough time we can make an entirely new experience based on whatever you have in your imagination.

Depending on the crowd, familiarity with virtual Reality and space, games range from purely visual experiences, to interactive ones that require movement, agility, and/or rhythm.

Winter games might include Skiing, snowboarding, as well as any seasonal activity that fits (beach themed in Aspen anyone?!)

Whether our booth is alone or working with other forms of entertainment, we are very confident that a virtual reality station will be the highlight of the night!

Include Virtual Reality in a range of spaces!

We’ve bunkered up in barns, theaters, schools, and even abandoned buildings, as well as the Ritz Carlton, of course.

Why is this important? Unlike other styles of booths that are larger, harder to set up, and do not offer as much utility; all we need is a corner and with that, we can make your experience happen.

We can offer themes that will benefit your party directly!

At Maverick VR we have over seventy customizable virtual reality experiences. Our goal is to add on to the theme of your event and party.

The beauty of our virtual reality experiences is that they are good for all users. We have had identical VR games (at times) on our menu from corporate events and trade-shows to Bar Mitzvahs, and received the same positive results!

A Virtual Reality booth offers great content

Having a VR booth offers great content for your media and marketing team. Imagine people doing fun (and funny activities) but while dressed up as Batman or Barbie. This will add a major bonus to your event and your outreach on social media.

In addition, when people get to wear their costumes they are much more likely to attend because let's face it, nobody wants to wear their costumes once. Add a virtual reality experience and you have a winning formula.


The Holiday season is a perfect time to throw a fun event. Not only is the weather awesome but it continues to a favorite themed holiday time for Americans and Canadians alike.

Virtual reality rentals and VR Booths are a great addition to any event, providing a unique and customized entertainment option for groups of any age and size. With locations in all the major cities throughout the US and Canada in such cities as Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa, and Quebec City



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