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Perfect Thanksgiving Oculus Go Experiences

Instead of post-Thanksgiving feasting being comprised of simply hours of football watching and napping, the team at Maverick VR wanted to step it up, and immerse ourselves within these amazing VR experiences for the Oculus Go. Helping and watching guests experience our VR booths and virtual reality rentals is a blast, so when we have some downtime - we like to join in on the fun as well! Below we've listed our favorite Oculus Go virtual reality experiences that were perfect for Thanksgiving. If you're as excited about these experiences as we are, be sure to reach out and speak to us about our Oculus Go rentals and our VR booths!

A Stack Of Oculus Go Headsets

Catan VR provides a familiar interface for those who have played the classic board game and allows for an easy introduction to VR for those who are less experienced using virtual reality headsets. Get the family together, strap on your headsets, and spend hours in this awesome VR experience!

Youtube is filled with amazing 360 videos that can be downloaded and uploaded onto the headsets. Throw yourself right in the middle of a basketball game, seeing it from the players' perspectives. If basketball isn’t your thing, put yourself on a Miami beach and lay back in the virtual sun. There is something for everyone, which makes this application perfect for post-Thanksgiving meal entertainment.

Think of Pet lab as the 22nd-century version of Tamagotchi. Pet lab is a colorful game that allows players to choose, train, and play with their own monster pet. Users can spend hours customizing their outfits’ or signing them up for battle tournaments

Harry Potter fans will fall in love with Wands VR. In this beautifully designed VR game, throw on your wizard hat, and grab a wand as you dual with other players. With the latest J.K Rowling flick right around the corner, Wands VR is a terrific way to begin to get into the spirit.

Jump into the space shooter game as you undertake multiplayer missions and aerial dogfighting. The gameplay is natural and the headset responds great to your head movements. Perfect for teens and up.

Our Oculus Go rentals are the perfect addition to any holiday party, so let us know if you're interested in speaking more about how our VR rentals and VR booths can make your next gathering one that will be remembered.


Looking to add a unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event? Skip the boring photo booth and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come. Consider Maverick VR National Virtual Reality Rentals.



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