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Patrick Bordnick: Using Virtual Reality (VR) to Help Fight Addiction

VR Headset At Tulane University

When Maverick VR isn't traveling across the country providing events with custom Virtual Reality experiences and VR booths, we like to spend some time highlighting those who are using Virtual Reality (VR) in innovative ways.

This week's blog focuses on Dr. Patrick Bordnick. Dr. Bordnick is the Dean of the Tulane School of Social Work and is currently designing Virtual Reality (VR) environments to assist individuals struggling with addiction. VR Project Delta looks to help those overcoming drug addictions by putting them in virtual environments that replicate real-world scenarios that might trigger a relapse. People can then practice navigating these environments in Virtual Reality (VR) so that when they enter the real- world, they are better equipped to handle these situations.

"And the interesting thing that we saw, six months post-treatment, the group that had the virtual reality skills training had greater confidence to resist smoking across the series of high-risk situations and were actually smoking less than the other [control] group", Dr. Bordnick explains.

Using Virtual Reality (VR) as a 'practice' environment can also be used in other similar ways. Inspired by his daughter's autism diagnosis, Dr. Bordnick is looking to develop Virtual Reality environments to help people on the Autism spectrum build communication skills and manage their anxiety.

We at Maverick VR love the work Dr. Bordnick is doing and encourage you to learn more about his work here!


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