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Orlando Events and VR Booths - A Perfect Pair

With the amount of customized virtual reality experiences out there there aren't many high end events that wouldn't benefit from adding a VR booth. While we provide our service throughout the nation, it's hard to imagine a city better prepared for the amazing experiences than Orlando.

Orlando is the Amusement Park capital of the world! In 2018 Orlando attracted 75 million visitors making it one of the most visited cities on Earth.

In addition, Orlando attracts thousands of conventions and trade shows. And where there are conventions and trade shows there is the need to entertain the hundreds of thousands of attendees. But what is an event planner to do to ensure that their guests have the best time possible? Our solution is simple, place a virtual reality booth at your next event and watch the Magic. In this article, we talk about why Orlando is the perfect place for a VR event and how it could make your event stand out against the titans of the amusement and themed park industry.

Your Event is Going to Have a lot of Competition

Virtual Reality Booths Maverick VR

Disney World, Universal Studio Florida, Sea World, the list goes on an on, so how does your event have any chance at competing with such heavyweights?

As we mentioned earlier, Orlando has a lot of entertainment options. For an event planner, this can cause worry as many potential attendees may skip out on your event for another attraction. However, with a virtual reality station, you can now entice your guests to not only come to your event but to stay as well. With VR booths at your event, your guests will have the time of their lives and many will consider this to be the highlight of their trip, which should be considered a success when stacked against such heavy competition.

Virtual Reality Booths Fit in with the theme and culture of Orlando

We recently wrote about how a virtual reality station offers an I-max experience, a roller coaster, and an arcade all in one! When people think of Orlando, the first thing that comes to mind are the themed parks and attractions. Thus a virtual reality rental fits perfectly as it allows you to have a mini themed park inside of your event! Your guests will not feel like they are missing out on any of the attractions that Orlando has to offer when going through a VR experience.

Brings Greater Flexibility for Your Event

Virtual Reality Rentals Maverick VR

Orlando is more geared towards families than any other city in the world. This means that many guests and attendees are more likely to bring their families for a convention or trade show in Orlando. After a long day of handling business and attending seminars, many attendees would love to get back to their families.

However, a simple happy hour may not be the most family-friendly outing. Now throw in a virtual reality station and all of a sudden your event is now a family-friendly event (and you can still serve adult drinks).

Virtual reality booths are a perfect solution to having more age diversity at your event. The VR booth will be a natural magnet not just for the adults, but we can provide kid friendly experiences as well allowing you to enjoy a cocktail or beer in peace.


With Orlando being a capital for theme parks and conventions, having a virtual reality booth is a natural fit your event or trade show booth.

At Maverick VR we can find the best experiences that align with your brand, objectives, and size of the group.

Looking to add a unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event? Skip the boring photo booth and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come with virtual reality!

Click here to watch a video and see what guests think of Maverick VR:

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