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Oculus Go VS Gear VR

Why the Oculus Go is still the best entry-level product on the market

Companies reach out to us every day looking for creative solutions to their technical problems. In every case, we continue to support and service the Oculus Go. Here’s why:

The Gear VR first and foremost requires a smartphone to function. There are some critical hardware differences despite the weight being roughly the same,  both having velcro straps, and no concern of fogging (Gear VR runs on Oculus parts).

First, we should mention- as Gear VR says on its side panel-- it is powered by Oculus! 

For those of you who are simply concerned about wearing glasses and general comforts, both have three points of entry, sidebands, and sensors that give you enough room without any major problems.

The oculus is built using a Qualcomm processor, which is the type of semiconductor chip, using android as a backbone with enhanced features like integrated headphones where you can chat with other users. Samsung’s Gear VR- as we mentioned needs a smartphone, but it cannot be any smartphone device to get its functionality - This product won’t work with any phone like the google cardboard, for instance.

The display on the Go is also stronger than Gear VR. Overall gaming performance is determined by the amount of GPU’s (graphics processing units) and Maximum refresh rate a system can handle. The Oculus Go has a much higher rate of 72 HZ!

Gear also has the general ability for higher resolutions, but will automatically downsize resolution to 1024x1024. This is a major flaw as it can utilize all of the pixels with the current version. 

Gaming performance and refresh also comes into play, for when you have a slow maximum refresh rate, (such as on a smartphone), the player will begin to feel lagging. Lagging is the most noticeable downfall of a game, for this sensation is what can lead to nausea or dizziness. Lagging is the greatest symptom when it can't be delivered seamlessly.

Concerning media consumption, oculus go is also superior. Despite it being limited to its internal storage, which is either 32gb and 64 GB, Oculus uses Wifi and can stream videos, making downloaded and streaming content compatible with its tracking capability  (this is a  3d Gyroscope which will make sure the controller is synced accordingly.)

As far as core design philosophy, both the Oculus Go and Gear VR  have similar touchpads, home keys, back keys, trigger buttons, but the Oculus go Is superior by far.


Why the Oculus Go is still the best entry-level product on the market

When questions arise about the Oculus Go compared to The Gear VR, we recommend the Oculus Go headset. We will continue to provide support and service for this product for the foreseeable future. For more information visit our Oculus Go Page



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