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Incredible Customized VR Booths for Event Sponsors!

We know that Virtual Reality booths are a great way to engage and enthrall crowds at conferences, receptions, private parties, and special events, but did you know that many companies are now sponsoring customized VR experiences at events to build brand awareness? See below for more details on how VR Arcade NOLA helps to design these innovative branded activations.

Most event planners are looking to offer new and exciting sponsorship opportunities to the major sponsors of their events. Sponsors, on the other hand, always want to increase their brand exposure and maximize the ROI on their sponsorship investment. A customized and branded VR activation is the perfect fit in these situations.

Here are a number of ways we have helped our clients set up sponsored VR activations for special events, conventions, and parties:

1. We start with upgrading the physical aspects of our VR booths to carry the sponsor’s preferred brand and messaging. This can include but is not limited to, placing branded tablecloths on our tables, having our employees wear branded apparel, and putting branded stickers on the center of our VR headsets. That way, every picture, video, and Snapchat of a person using VR will also capture the sponsor’s brand!

Dish branded vr headset

2. We also work with sponsors to display 360-degree videos of their brand within the VR headset. That way, the VR user can look in any direction as the video plays, and become immersed in a video designed by the sponsor that perfectly captures the essence of their brand! We did this recently by showcasing this 360 video of the benefits of ADP’s HR software solutions at an event sponsored by ADP, and we also put together a sponsored activation focused around Surrealism which displayed an incredible 360 video wherein the VR user flew through a Salvador Dalí painting!

3. For sponsors who really want to take their branding to the next level, we can even work with them to prominently display their logo within a VR experience! The user can see the sponsor’s logo, and interact with it using a magical palette of 3D drawing tools. We recently worked with Red Bull as part of one of their sponsored VR activations, and they took this concept to the extreme and created this branded VR Art Gallery!

Image of virtual reality art work

Are you an event planner looking for creative new sponsorship opportunities for your upcoming event, or an event sponsor looking for an innovative way to showcase your brand? If the answer is yes to either of those, reach out to us here at Maverick VR, and let’s take your sponsorship into Virtual Reality!



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