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Incentive Trips and VR - A Winning Combo

Every company wants to motivate their employees to succeed, and many companies reward their high performers with incentive trips. The perfect cutting-edge addition for incentive trips? Virtual Reality!

In this post, we look at a few new and innovative ways that companies and corporations have worked with us here at VR Arcade NOLA to incorporate Virtual Reality into their incentive trips to wow their employees.

1. High performers are often Type-A go-getters. We have worked with several companies that have tapped into that competitive nature by rewarding their incentive trip attendees with arcade-style VR fun! Guests can compete for high scores and prizes across a wide variety of VR experiences. Do they want to rack up points as they battle zombies, slice and dice wildly in Fruit Ninja, or smack forehand winners in a VR version of Atari Pong? With Virtual Reality, there is no limit to the fun games and experiences that people can experience on incentive trips as they compete with their coworkers.

College Party with a Virtual Reality Booth Rental

2. For those event planners and organizers that are looking for a fun way to help their incentive trip guests relax and socialize rather than compete, VR can be a great fit as well. Many VR experiences engage both the VR visitor and the laughing crowd watching the user, and they are fun for all people regardless of their tech background. We find these experiences are a good fit for incentive trips that want to focus on shared fun, and many of these groups even incorporate some of our VR Team Building Sessions.

Virtual Reality Rental Under an Outdoor Tent

3. Lastly, many incentive trips are pretty quick, lasting only one or two days. Even though the meeting is held in great cities, the attendees may not have a chance to go out and explore the local sites and culture! At VR Arcade NOLA, we help to solve this issue with a couple of different VR experiences. A popular choice is Google Earth VR, wherein guests can soar through the buildings and landmarks of any city in the world and get a better appreciation for their host city. Another great option is Audioshield, wherein guests can experience local music by listening to a local song as they try to move their hands in VR in rhythm to the beats of the tune!

Google Earth Virtual Reality Experience Image

In all these ways and more, Virtual Reality has proven to be a great enhancement for incentive trip groups and event planners who are looking to add a unique and unforgettable element to their meeting. Contact us today at to discuss how you can incorporate VR as part of your next incentive trip!



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