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How to Use The Oculus Go Controller

The Oculus Go Controller is a multi-functional device with many functions as well as some peculiarities. Our clients often ask for clarification when it comes to pairing, repairing, and working the device. Along with the photo below, we have also spelled out a complete description of use.

There are four main touchpoints on an Oculus Go Controller as pictured below. The Home Button, located at the base of the controller featuring the Oculus logo. When in a game or experience, press the home button once to return to the main screen, or hold down the button to reorient your viewfinder. Occasionally, if the player has moved or the device has just been turned on, it is recommended to hold the logo at which point three seconds will pass, and all screen attributes are recalculated. The Back Button, represented by the arrow pointing leftward, is as its name implies. This button is often used in experiences with many menus or can be used in webpages on the internet browser.

The Oculus Go controller relies on motion, which on occasion, is dictated by the Touchpad. On the front of the device, it has sensors underneath which pickup finger movement. Most comfortably, it accepts any finger, but the thumb is its most natural position. Slide your finger from left to write or up and down. Introductory tutorials for the Oculus has the user practice these various buttons and areas for ease and comfort. The Trigger is probably the most important as it is the selection key. Pressing any "button" or interfacing with any device will require the Trigger. This is smiler to most gaming consoles.

Whether there are multiple devices in the room or a kink in the system, it is occasionally necessary to repair your controller with a headset. There is no instant way to do this, and if the controller still is malfunctioning after a new battery, please proceed to the following steps:

Open up the Oculus Go App. This is technically required to have the headset linked in general. Without it, you will not be able to make changes, including putting the headset into developer mode, finalizing the original setup, resetting the pin, notifications, redeem codes, payment methods, or general voice activity.

Connect your go to an active wifi network, and then click on the device using its registration key until it says 'connected.'

Click Pair Controller and go through the prompts, which may include another safety demonstration for use. In this setup, you can also decide whether you are left or right-hand dominant, which will improve Oculus's accuracy.

Unpairing the controller requires the same instructions, however rather than pair, you will click 'unpair.'

The Oculus Go requires one (1) Double (AA) battery. Battery life is mostly dependent on the quality of battery as well as use. Frequent use may require a change of battery approximately every thirty days. (For those of you who don't know the Oculus go headset is good or about 2.5 hours of run time).

Removal of the battery should not require much force. Tug on the bottom of the controller, and you can pull open the door. Place the battery following the (+) and (-) charge.

A Picture of an Oculus Go Hand Controller



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