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How To Reset The Oculus Go

Graphic of a virtual reality headset worn by a man

As noted in several of our other articles, the Oculus Go is a revolutionary, self-contained, portable device that does not require wires or a gaming computer to function. 

Although the Oculus Go is an accessible and useful Headset, for many reasons, it can occasionally falter, needing a manual reset. In most cases, clicking the reset button will get the devices up and running again quickly. We often use the reset button when there is a loss of function from heat, issues with the controller, or a flashing screen indicating an error.  

There are a few options for resetting the Oculus Go. Beware that any files for your event/ presentations should be kept off the headset as well, as there’s a chance it will be lost. Note, for games that have been downloaded, these will remain stored in your Oculus Account (more on that later), and you will not need to repurchase them. 

If the controller loses communication with the headset, and there’s no chance for connection, your volume buttons can also be used to maneuver between the screens. In contrast, the power button acts as the ‘selector’.

Like an external hard drive, your Oculus Go can be plugged into a laptop or a computer, and there are ways to drag off any existing programs located in the internal storage manually. 

To remove programs from your Oculus Go Headsets, plug in the device, look in the headset where it will ask for you to verify and give permission for computer access. Once there, the Oculus separates files by type, and you can drag off any photos, videos, or audio files that need safekeeping. 

If you do not have a computer at your disposal, holding down the power and (-) volume button will enable a prompt to guide you through a restart. This process requires a few confirmations, selecting that you genuinely want to factory reset the Oculus, rather than an accidental push of the button. 


Once confirmed, etc., you can repair any device with a controller. There are several minute introductory videos on using the Oculus Go, including safe use, and understanding that Virtual Reality can cause sickness for some individuals. Startup sounds are audible, and usually, this will do the trick.


There are also ways to reset the Oculus Go via phone. Open the Oculus app and click on the device you are trying to reset. When you have multiple devices nearby or various connections to one account, you can use the personalized barcode on the left side of your device. The bar code will have approximately 14 characters, both numbers and letters.


For those of you who still have trouble, please visit our Oculus Go page for further information and assistance with the Oculus Go and other devices. 



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