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How Much Space Is Needed For VR?

When considering whether or not you'd like to add customized Virtual Reality experiences to your next event, a very important factor is the amount of space available. Our stations require unobstructed space for the guest to be able to experience a room-scale immersion, but the amount of space needed is fairly flexible and smaller than many may think. From spaces as small as 3' x 4' to areas as big as 100' x 100' (and more), we have been able to find solutions to still WOW everyone at a wide range of conferences, conventions, private parties, and special events.

Little to no space? No problem

In situations where there is not enough space to set up a full room-scale virtual reality station, we simply work with our clients to find games and experiences that do not require the user to physically move about. Even without the ability to walk around space in virtual reality, there are plenty of unbelievable experiences that the guests will love. Pictured below is an event from earlier this year where we were able to set up two full virtual reality stations in a space of just 6' x 4'! We worked with the client to find experiences where the guests stayed seated throughout their VR visit to maximize space, and they still walked away with a mind-blowing experience.

Two men wearing virtual reality headsets

Limited spaces - conferences and events where you have a pre-determined booth size or footprint

We have added virtual reality experiences to dozens of different conferences and events throughout the nation, and the number one concern that event planners have is the amount of space needed. Many of our clients only have about 20' x 20' of available space, and they already have other tables, chairs, promotional material, etc. occupying much of that space, so it's important for us to be flexible. When working in tight quarters, we simply limit the VR space to a smaller playing area - as small as about 6' x 8' of available space per VR station. Some clients have chosen to step it up a level and bring out two VR stations in a relatively small space, we can still provide two full VR stations, both with room-scale experiences, with available spaces as small as 12' x 8'. Pictured below is an image from a recent conference in San Diego where we were able to set up two virtual reality stations within a confined space with zero issues and hundreds of pleased guests.

A trade show with multiple people wearing vr headsets

Available space is not an issue, how large can the experiences get?

If there is no shortage of available space we can maximize the footprint of our VR stations to provide the most immersive virtual reality experience possible. Currently, the largest room-scale experience we can create per station is about 15' x 15', which allows the user to physically walk around the space while wearing the headset and have the virtual world change around them. They experience total immersion into a new virtual world!

An outdoor virtual reality life

If you aren't sure how many VR stations are needed for your event, please shoot us an email at and we would be happy to help.

If you have an event coming up and would like to consider adding virtual reality, let us know! The easiest way to get a quote for an upcoming event is to submit the event details to us through our website at



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