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Here’s How Small Business Owners Can Succeed During the Pandemic

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Making changes to your business model is a necessity in order to survive the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, now is the time to pull out all the stops, figure out what technology and physical changes can support your enterprise, and make a plan to move forward. Here are a few things to consider when navigating your new business plan.

Learn More About E-Commerce

If your business relies on in-person sales at the moment, you’ve likely taken a few hits due to the pandemic already. But the good news is that many business models translate online fairly easily through e-commerce.

Even if you are pivoting with a new business concept, selling products or services online is an easy way to embrace society’s new normal. Of course, the new normal involves tons of online shopping and streaming content, so plan accordingly. You can research e-commerce platforms to find one that suits your business model and start migrating everything to the Web.

Whether you’re selling print on demand, clothes, services, subscription boxes or even trying dropshipping, there’s a platform that can make things easier—even if you’re going the DIY route.

Outsource Stuff You Struggle With

As a business owner, you likely wear many hats. But in order to focus on the ins and outs of sales and service, you might consider outsourcing other tasks. Especially if you lack expertise in building websites or coding apps, hiring an expert is an excellent solution.

For example, you could hire an expert in Android or IOS development to migrate an app or create a brand new one. Hiring freelancers for short-term projects ensures high quality, without having to onboard a full-time employee (and pay benefits). In fact, outsourcing other business functions can save more time and money, explains All Business. You can even outsource HR functions so that your time is freed up for other facets of the business.

You could also promote your business through custom 360 videos created by the experts at Maverick VR. These videos can make a product presentation to consumers powerful and memorable, which can significantly boost sales.

Incorporate In-Store Changes

If you’re opting not to move online (or maybe just partly), renovating your brick-and-mortar store is another consideration mid-pandemic. Not only will you need to incorporate social distancing best practices, but you’ll also want to implement an effective sanitization strategy. Depending on the product or service you offer, you may consider curbside service, online shopping with in-store pickup, or other combinations of services to cater to your customers.

Creating signage can also help maintain consumer traffic. Whether you create printable posters for your store windows or commission outdoor signs to direct customers, highlighting that you’re open for business—and taking proper coronavirus precautions—can go a long way toward bringing in clientele. You can even find free printable signs that fit your company’s approach and branding.

Ensure You’re Seen Online

Hopefully, your business already has an online storefront or website. If it doesn’t, taking steps to set up an e-commerce store or a standalone website is smart. Especially during the global shutdown, consumers need to know more about your business and its operating hours, policies, and other specifics. The best way for them to find this information is by searching online.

For many businesses—even those without an established website—a Google My Business listing can help get more eyes on your store, Hootsuite explains. Beyond that, setting up your website and including relevant store hours, COVID-19 policies, and frequent updates can help encourage customers to come shop. Plus, this is something you can typically DIY.

Interested in hiring freelancers for your business? Consider these ideas:

● Outsource website management (once your site is up and running).

● Try a chatbot to save customer service time—while fulfilling shoppers’ needs.

● Hire a graphic designer—whether to help with branding or to create a digital product you plan to sell.

Approaching your business from a new angle is a must during the pandemic. Fortunately, with these steps, you can use a combination of DIY strategies and professional collaborations to find success. It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding when your business flourishes.

Get Help

Most small business owners just assume they have to figure everything out on their own. Nothing could be further from the truth. Consider joining a business networking group, or getting your own Coach. You don't have to tackle all your challenges by yourself.

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