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Custom Virtual Tour: Everything You Need to Know

Imagine sitting in your living room on a cold winter day, you put on a VR headset and 10 seconds later you are transported to the warm beaches of Honolulu! Sounds too good to be true? Well this experience exists right now, via the use of a new technology, the Custom Virtual Tour.

The custom virtual tour (CVT) is a tailored and interactive VR experience that allows users to explore and engage with a specific environment, location, or property remotely through a combination of panoramic imagery, sound effects, and interactive elements. When combined with a VR headset it creates a truly one of a kind experience.

Whether it is an entire city or a single family home, a CVT can be created to show the essence of any physical entity. However, we can show you better than I can tell you; check out this link to view some examples.

Now I would like to answer two basic questions for you; “What problems does this application solve?” and “how does this application benefit my business or brand?”. First here is a snapshot of the problems that a custom virtual tour can solve:

  • Inaccessibility: Addressing limitations of physical presence for customers.

  • Visualizing Space: Helping customers understand the layout and ambiance.

  • Decision-Making: Enhancing consumer confidence through better information.

  • Planning: Allowing teams to make better decisions due to the presence of more facts and information provided.

  • Storytelling: Allows your brand to tell its story in a completely unique and immersive way.

Our next article will be devoted to how the custom virtual tour can benefit your brand and business, but in the meantime here is a quick snapshot of the benefits of the custom virtual tour:

  • Increased Conversion Rates: Engaging potential customers more effectively, by utilizing an immersive and interactive experience.

  • Cost Savings: Reducing the need for physical visits or elaborate marketing materials.

  • Global Reach: Depending on your business, customers or partners can come from every corner of the world. The virtual tour is the best way to show them a complete idea of what you have to offer or what is going on.

  • Time Efficiency: Allowing customers to explore at their convenience.

  • Flexible: virtual tours can work seamlessly on mobile, desktop, or a VR headset. Meaning it can be accessed by over 6 billion people.


As VR applications grow in popularity, so do the opportunities. Maverick VR stands at the forefront to help your business take full advantage of these new opportunities. By implementing the custom virtual tour, it will allow you to potentially expose your business to millions of new customers. To find out more about this new and exciting application, be sure to contact us to find out more.



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