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An Imax, Roller Coaster, And Arcade All In One - VR Booths

Are you planning an event, party, or outing and you're looking for something different, affordable, and will give your guests an experience like never before? Then a virtual reality booth is a perfect solution for your upcoming event.

A VR booth will offer the most fun and utility at your event. While other booths are just booths, consider a virtual reality station as more of an attraction than just a booth. The great utility with having a virtual reality station is that you can have an Imax experience, a roller coaster, and an arcade...all in one!

Find out how each booth can benefit both you and your guests as you plan your next epic event.

An Imax Experience

Virtual Reality Booth at a Corporate Conference Adds Some Fun to the Event

If you have seen a movie in an Imax theater than you can relate to the grandeur and awe of the entire experience. a VR rental booth can offer this same experience and more. This is because you get actually walk around and interact with the system (an Imax is purely a stationary experience).

Imagine being in a Las Vegas Hotel or a convention in the Mile High City of Denver, CO. You then come to a virtual reality booth, put on a headset and now you are on a sunken ship in the bottom of the ocean or on the Mount Everest's Peak! This can only happen when you have a VR station at your event.

We also train and recommend our brand ambassadors to put first time VR users with more immersive experiences firsts before moving on to more action-packed experiences.

A Roller Coaster

Imagine being at an event and coming to a VR station. One of our brand ambassadors gently puts on the headset and headphones, tells you "to keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times", then with the click of a button you are literally on a roller coaster!

That is right, the capabilities of virtual reality are so widespread that you can literally have a roller coaster in the middle of your event! Even if you don't select one of our roller coaster virtual reality experiences, the mere act of having a VR rental at your next event will have people of ages screaming for joy.

An Arcade

VR Station Rental at a Corporate Cocktail Party

And finally the arcade aspect. Although VR experiences can be catered to any crowd and are far more than a simple arcade game, video games are often the first thing that people think of when it comes to virtual reality. And we love that as many of our brand ambassadors love assisting guests in and out of the new VR experiences for a friendly competition

The arcade experience will bring the most fun for your guests and team, especially with the younger adult crowd or tech-heavy businesses. What is really cool is that if you have two or more virtual reality booths it allows for great friendly competition. You can add on to this by awarding prizes for the highest scores in one of our games. Some of our experiences are so fun that your guests will keep coming back again and again. Thus adding on to the joy and success of your event and outing.

A virtual reality station offers the most utility ever offered to an event planner. Your guests will have so much fun that it will be hard to tell between the children and adults. Depending on your crowd and audience it is best to consult with us at Maverick VR to see which experiences will work best for you and your audience. Not only are we passionate about the success of your event but we offer our virtual reality booths for groups of any size and age, and have locations in all major cities throughout the US and Canada.

Looking to add a unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event? Skip the boring photo booth and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come with virtual reality!

Click here to watch a video and see what guests think of Maverick VR:

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