Zombie Themed Virtual Reality Stations

January 29, 2019

Zombie themed events are always a thrill and lends themselves perfectly to zombie-themed virtual reality booths and zombie VR headset rentals. The Maverick VR team loves bringing our zombie themed VR games and experiences to events across the country. We also love dressing up for the part - tattered shirts, spooky makeup and all! If you're looking to add virtual reality to your zombie themed event, we have the perfect experiences that will be sure to leave your guests jumping (out of fear, and out of joy).


Below we compiled a list of some of our favorite zombie-themed virtual reality games and environments. If you're interested in having our zombie vr booths and virtual reality rentals at your next event, please reach out! We'd are eager to work with you to bring your Zombie event to the next level. 



The Brookhaven Experiment 


In one hand is a flashlight, and in the other - a pistol with limited ammo. Mysterious hooded creatures approach you from all directions. You can't run away. All you can do is ration your ammo and survive...

The Brookhaven Experiment is a VR survival shooter. Guests play as an anonymous protagonist and are instructed to use the tools and weapons provided in order to survive waves of monsters. For Zombie themed events, it is the perfect game: the controls are easy to pick up, and the experience is immersive and bone chilling. 




Zombie Training Simulator


Not all Zombie virtual reality games need to be terrifying. They can be playful and appropriate for all ages. This is where the Zombie Training Simulator comes in. 


Players play with real world weapons, as they see how many zombies they can destroy. With two different modes to play from: The Speed test, which tests players accuracy under timed pressure, or Survival mode, where players see how long they can survive as hoards of zombies come your away - makes this an entertaining and exciting game that keeps people coming back for more and more.


Zombie Riot


In this virtual reality experience, players use their hands to pick up anything they see and are then able to use it as a weapon: sniper rifles, tennis rackets, chainsaws or baseball bats! This environment is an action packed survival game where you must rely on your wits and surrounding in order to survive the zombie apocalypse! 




Zombie City


Stand against endless waves of incoming zombies. With each successful attempt at defending yourself against these half-dead creatures, your remaining ammo and items will be passed on to the next level, but they won't be replenished. How long do you think you could last?


With realistic kinetic controls and countless weapons to choose from; the harder you hit, the more damage you deal; the harder you throw your item, the further they will travel. 




Looking to add a unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event?  Skip the boring photo booth and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come with virtual reality!


Click here to watch a video and see what guests think of Maverick VR:


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