Will Virtual Reality (VR) Make Me Nauseous?

People are often fearful that Virtual Reality (VR) will make them feel nauseous. Similar to motion sickness or seasickness, people have different levels of susceptibility to feeling sick while experiencing Virtual Reality (Known as Virtual Reality Sickness

Individual Differences in Susceptibility

, in reality,

  • Age: Susceptibility to motion sickness is highest between the ages of 2 and 12

  • Experience with Virtual Reality (VR): Individuals become less likely to develop Virtual Reality (VR) sickness as they develop familiarity with it. Adaptation may occur as quickly as the second exposure to the Virtual Reality (VR) system

  • Gender: Women have been shown to be more susceptible than men to Virtual Reality (VR) sickness.

  • Health: Virtual Reality (VR) may not be appropriate for people who are in ill health as it may exasperate symptoms of Virtual Reality sickness

  • Motion sickness sensitivity: Those who are more sensitive to motion sickness in reality are also more sensitive to Virtual Reality (VR) sickness.

We've watched thousands of individuals use Virtual Reality (VR) and we've rarely witnessed someone experience Virtual Reality (VR) sickness. Regardless, below are some tips to combat the symptoms.

How to combat Virtual Reality Sickness

Take Regular breaks: If you're feeling a little dizzy while experiencing Virtual Reality (VR), the easiest and fastest way to alleviate the dizzy sensation is to take a break!

  • Focus While Spinning: If you're spinning around while in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment, keep your eyes focused on one point while you are turning your head or spinning your body

  • Breathing: Taking a deep breath for 2-3 seconds can readjust and relax your body enough to make VR sickness go away

  • Build a Tolerance: The more you experience Virtual Reality (VR) , the greater a tolerance you will build to Virtual Reality (VR) sickness

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