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Photogrammetry Information Session with Maverick VR

Image of Mountains

There’s a great hunt around the world for finding the best methods to improve game graphics.

Traditionally, 3D Art for games is created manually through applications like Unity or other game development software. The challenge is that it is exceptionally time-consuming.

To combat the difficulties of life-like objects, creators have often chosen to reflect more animated environments, where the player generally accepts distorted colors, characters, and textures.

Its 2020, video players, consoles, and resolutions are increasing 100 fold- such as the move from 4K to 6 and now 8K resolutions. There are some new technologies out there that lessen the need for artistic skill and technical know-how.

Meet Photogrammetry:

In its purest form, photogrammetry is “the use of photography in surveying and mapping to measure distances between objects.”

As with many animals, who have two eyes to determine the depth of an object, it is a similar situation with 3D cameras. There are two ends of the market when filming in 3D. The first, as is often found on film sets and in high-end editing studios. Two high end and costly cameras that can measure geometry and material data are used to take photos of various objects.

If you take a company like Quixel, they have earned thousands of scans and created a massive library like no other filled with digital assets. Recently acquired by Epic Games, Quixel has a trove of items and, ultimately, integrations of these digital pieces.

On the other end of the market, there is the ability to take photos and scans and upload them to a developer account obtained from a software provider.

Display land, a subsidiary of ubiquity 6, turns phone content into a 3d reconstruction of the scene via an OBJ File.

Using a phone, even a lighting position, and taking as many different objects as possible will all enhance your outcome.

Things to remember when creating your photo assets- Texture is a good thing- As many items and physical boundaries, you can create the better. Things to avoid are mirrored objects or those with reflectivity that refract light.

Maverick VR is a Virtual Reality Rental company headquartered in Charlotte, NC. We often work with VR Developers to create a VR production for companies of all sizes.



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