How A Virtual Reality Booth Generates Leads

Virtual Reality (VR) Booths are an amazing lead generation and sales conversion tool for corporate events. Here are ideas to consider when planning a Virtual Reality (VR) Booth for your next event, conference, convention, trade show, or brand activation.

VR Experiences that Tie-In with your Theme

It’s one thing to have a virtual reality (VR) booth that is fun and exciting, but having a VR booth that ties into the theme of your company, event, or marketing message will take your brand to the next level. At Maverick VR, our virtual reality entertainment and engagement options are designed to showcase new worlds and experiences that can be curated to best service your event. We create customized Virtual Reality (VR) experiences that will not only wow your guests and draw in passerby at trade shows, but will also keep your brand in their memory long after they have taken off the headset.

Encourage Competition for High Engagement

Nothing draws in a crowd like some friendly competition. Raise the stakes at your Virtual Reality (VR) Booth by offering prizes to guests that achieve the highest score at the end of your event. Set up a leaderboard to track high scores and encourage competition. Culminate you event with a crowd-pleasing ‘final’ or ‘playoff’ game that's guaranteed to be the talk of the event. You would be amazed at how competitive conference and trade show attendees can get over a Virtual Realty Home Run Derby!

Brand Your Virtual Reality (VR) Booth for Maximum Impact

Virtual Reality (VR) is a unique opportunity to align your brand with an unforgettable experience your guests are sure to remember forever. Along with the games and experiences we have on hand, we can create customized, branded, or local content to ensure our clients' logos are front and center in all aspects of the Virtual Reality (VR) experience. Potential brand placement options include:

  • Background signage

  • Headset branding

  • Table signage

  • TV/monitor brand exposure

  • Brand placement within the VR experience

  • Customized branded 360 videos and experiences

  • Unique VR branded giveaways

  • And more!

This way, you can use VR to draw in folks to your company, and then forge a connection in their mind between your brand and this exciting new technology. Leverage VR to spark new conversations, generate new business, and increase the ROI on your next trade show!

Remember - Have Fun!

The best part about Virtual Reality (VR) is that it's fun to play and to watch. The eye-catching spectacle of someone slicing fruit with their ninja swords, petting a passing blue whale, or dodging lasers like they’re Neo in the Matrix will immediately grab the attention of trade show spectators as they pass by your trade show booth.

As soon as the headset comes off, your guests will be eager to discuss their Virtual Reality (VR) experience. As the host, you will have the opportunity to start a dialogue with each guest and generate leads to grow your business.

Looking to add a unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event? Skip the boring photo booth and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come with virtual reality!

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