3 Strategies to Maximize Virtual Reality's Impact on your Next Trade Show

We’ve brought Virtual Reality booths to 1,000+ trade shows and conferences nationwide and we have extensive knowledge on the types of VR experiences that maximize the effect and impact of VR. Below we've outlined three strategies to make your next VR rental one to remember at your next trade show or exhibition.

Get Guests Active

Virtual Reality environments that are active - draw in onlookers. MLB Home Run Derby VR, which instantly transports a user onto a major league baseball field, or Audio Shield, where players block incoming orbs with shields to the beat of the music. Tilt Brush allows users to paint in 3 dimensional space, which consequently has guests waving their arms and swiveling heads.

The laughter and the swinging arms, that results from playing these active games, brings attention to your trade show booth. It doesn't take long until people begin gravitating towards your booth and begin to join in on the laughter. Once an audience is built, it provides a perfect opportunity for sales representatives to introduce themselves and their company, and grab guests contact information in the process.

Make it Short & Sweet

The immersive nature of Virtual Reality means that users often lose sense of time. What may feel like 5 minutes, ends up being 15 minutes, which is why providing environments that have a clear objective or a built in time-limit often yields the best results. You want as many people as possible experiencing VR, so on average, we recommend virtual reality environments that last 4-7 minutes. This provides a long enough time for the user to get immersed into VR, but it's short enough in which guests waiting on line don’t lose any patience. Fruit Ninja, which has become on of virtual reality's most addicting games, is a great example of an environment that is engaging and exciting, but has a built in time-limit, which allows users to hop in, play a game or two, and then hop out and give others a chance to try it out.

Have Guests Interact with your Brand

Brand activations through Virtual Reality has become an increasingly popular strategy to get the audience (and your potential clients...) familiar with your business. It also establishes and sets a precedent that your business and brand has its finger on the pulse of emerging technologies and innovations in technology. One of the branding packages that we offer and frequently execute, is uploading 3D models of our clients' logo in a Virtual space. Within this space, guests can interact with your logo: enlarge it to the size of an elephant or shrink it to the size of a penny, all within virtual reality (If you want to learn more about how we get our clients' brand front and center in all aspects of our VR rentals and virtual reality booths, contact us here). We've seen first hand that VR booths, which incorporate a company's a brand in some capacity, always results in the greatest ROI.

We work with closely with all of our clients in order to provide them with the best VR experience possible. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss how we can take your event to the next level with virtual reality rentals and VR booths.

Looking to add a unique, immersive, and exciting new experience to your event? Skip the boring photo booth and choose an amazing experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come with virtual reality!

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