Testimonials from Recent VR Clients

We’re seeing more and more conventions, parties, and trade shows in the greater New Orleans area hire us to provide Virtual Reality entertainment for their private events, and everyone has had a blast trying out the incredible immersive VR experiences that we offer. But don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our recent clients are saying!

"Having VR Arcade NOLA at our 610 Stompers Debutante Ball was a no brainer. The VR experiences that they provide are out of this world, and our guests had a blast trying them. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable, and the setup and breakdown were smooth as could be. As someone who plans entertaining parties for a living, I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with VR Arcade NOLA - they will blow your mind!"

  • Mont Creamer, Executive Director of the 610 Stompers

"When we approached VR Arcade NOLA to be a part of Yelp's Five Star Salute at the WWII Museum, they were incredibly enthusiastic and took the initiative to bring us a VR Experience that fit seamlessly with our theme and venue. Our guests absolutely loved VR Arcade NOLA since they were able to virtually explore a critical inflection point of WWII in the VR experience 'Remembering Pearl Harbor' at the WWII Museum! VR Arcade NOLA was easy to get in touch with regarding questions before the event, and were expeditious in their setup of equipment before the event started. Similar to the best amusement park ride at the fair, there was a continuous line at VR Arcade NOLA all night! I would highly suggest VR Arcade NOLA to bring any party to the next level of entertainment."

  • Morgan Ford, New Orleans Events and Marketing Director for Yelp

"It was really awesome! When we brought Virtual Reality into the space, all eyes were on that. Literally there was a line the entire time, as it caught the attention of everyone in the room. It’s entertaining to do yourself, and it’s also entertaining to watch other people do virtual reality. It was a more memorable experience than anything I can think of that we could have brought in."

  • Steve Nutting, Co-Owner of The Warehouse Co-working Space

The people have spoken, and they love VR! Start the conversation with us today about how to incorporate VR into your next convention, corporate event, or birthday party - go to this page on our website.


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